Life Lesson Poem

I wrote this poem because there were people watching me and my friends and were telling bad stuff about every thing we did and we found out that everyone was watching. It's true everybody is watching, so be careful what you do.

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Everbody's Watching


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011 with permission of the Author.

People see, people hear
Eyes watch far and near
They stare and glare
And watch with wonder
They always compare
With harsh words
That sound like thunder
People feel, people run
People hide what they have done
Then they watch to feel better
Spread the word like an open letter
But hurt people on the way
They watch again to make it OK
But always know that people watch
For good or bad
To make it better or sad
Do what is good when no one's there
'Cause you might be unaware
That everyone's watching


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