Life Lesson Poem

Poem About Appreciating Simple Things In Life

Too often in life, people don't appreciate the things they have - the simple things that money cannot buy. They get too caught up in looking to tomorrow, the future, that they don't stop to appreciate today, the memories they are currently making. I wrote this to open the eyes of those who go through this life too fast. Those who only concern themselves with material possessions and forget the value of a simple smile....cheers.

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015 with permission of the Author.

Time has grown frantic
Moves by us so swiftly
Too often overwhelmed
Losing sight of life's gift
A priceless luxury
Can't turn back the clock
True purpose hidden
Behind deadbolt and lock

Stop for an instant
Just take in the keys
Close your eyes, exhale
Lose yourself in life's melodies
Yearn for the sunshine
Rain pounding your roof
Days of elation
Never straying aloof

Be spontaneous and free
Always do the unplanned
Cherish this rose garden
Don't let it slip through your hand
Anticipate all
Misfortune and bliss
Always be humble
Give your mother a kiss

Take nothing for granted
Every pebble's unique
Required to channel
Our cascading creek
That meanders and turns
To locations unknown
Revealing those gems
Which show you have grown

So follow the symphony,
Every movement and measure
Relax with each rest
For it brings lasting pleasure

Lavish trophies and treasures
Don't prove you are wealthy
Eyes to the heavens
Be grateful you're healthy
Trillions can't purchase
Ten fingers, ten toes
Angelic smiles
Only daughters disclose

Selflessly offer
Umbrellas for shelter
Long sleeves for comfort
When temperatures are bitter
Hold doors for strangers
And those ones you adore
Kind, minute gestures
Give this life so much more

Your sun is now setting
Final shadows are cast
Tears won't stop flowing
Flags flown at half mast
But all will rejoice
As you lie down to rest
Having spent every second
Living life to its best

Take nothing for granted
Every snowflake must melt
Time always retrieves
The cards you were dealt
Heart fully flushed
Fulfilled all your dreams
Combination cracked
Locks burst at the seams

Completed your symphony,
Through basses and trebles
Built a sound mountain
From all of these pebbles


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