Goodbye Friend Poem

Friend Moving Across The Country

I wrote this poem for my best friend a couple of weeks before I moved across the country from her. It's very true, and I hope you like it.

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Forever And Always


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008 with permission of the Author.

All the bullies coming my way
Getting teased every single day.
Boy, do they have nerve,
But I still wonder, is this really what I deserve?

But I was little then,
I just took it all in.
I let them say what they wanted to say,
It wasn't my problem anyway.

All through elementary without a real friend,
Just hoping that wasn't how it would end.
High school came along soon enough,
I guess everyone just grew up.

There was one person who stood out of the crowd
She was like my little sis,
She made me so proud.

But my world got twisted around,
I felt like I couldn't make a sound.
The relationship with my one true friend
was about to come to an abrupt end.

She was going through so much,
Her good friends losing all her trust.
They'd make fun of her in every way,
Just like they did back in my day.

The way some girls tore her apart,
It completely broke my heart.
To see her get so sad,
made me outrageously mad.

They put her through hell and back.
I just kept telling her that,
"You need to forget about them,
They were never your true friends."

She knew it was true
But could never follow through.
She let them walk all over her again and again.
I was afraid her heart would soon not mend.

She does not deserve this, neither did I.
I tell her again and again, I really do try.
I want her to be happy, to be free.
Then maybe I'd be able to leave her peacefully.

She's afraid to be alone, I would be too.
But I know she would be able to pull through.
She is stronger than I will ever be,
That is what I wish she could see.

I try to be that steady person in her life,
To be the only one who doesn't cut her like a knife.
At 1000 miles away, she'll always be in my heart.
I just wish she could make a new start.

When you see me I may look fine,
But every time you turn away I cry.
Leaving you is something I could never do.
And saying goodbye...I'm screwed.

Our time as friends was so little,
but my love for you will never dwindle.
You are more than my little sister,
Just know I'll always miss you!


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