Life Long Friend Poem

Long Distance Friendship Poem For Far Away Friend

Trust is the solid base any true friendship relies on. Can parting for a long time shake it? Can the distance erase the memories that are always engraved in your heart?
I wrote this to my dearest friend, knowing the answer is: Never..

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Forgive Me, My Friend


Published: February 2011

Forgive me, my friend,
If I ever ask about it,
The long distance and parting,
And you rarely contacting,
Sometimes force me to doubt it.

I always want to explain,
The reason why I'm in this pain,
But never speak it out to you,
You'd think that I do not trust you.

Our few memories haunt my heart,
I can't stop them once they start.
And it hurts me very much,
Because we are so far apart.

And yet I'm equally assured,
That I'll always be sincere,
And if you ever needed me,
Be sure that I'll be standing near.

To me, your friendship is a gift,
In finding you, I know I'm blessed,
For that, you are my special friend,
I promise you this till the end.


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