Just Friends Poem

Poem About A Long Distance Friend

This is a poem about a friendship across the miles, which grew deeper as years passed. Most of the time friendships will turn into a deeper affection. This poem was inspired by a real friendship that was honed by time and distance. It is hard to deal with this feeling of loneliness when both of you are miles apart. But in the near future as God's plan, there will be a grand reunion and revelations of some hidden feelings that only the two hearts will understand.

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Just A Friend


Published: September 2014

I'm praying for a long, lost friend;
Hope he'll show up again!
My heart is really in pain.
Sometimes I want to forget him;
But the feelings still remain
In my heart it's his name
I'm calling...
In my solitude it's him
I'm thinking...
In my dreams it's him
I'm seeing...
And in my life it's him
I'm longing...
How this feeling will come to an end?
In my heart, I want to erase his name;
Many times I deny this feeling-
Because I know he is just but a friend!

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