Breaking Up Poem

A Guy Also Hurts During A Breakup

Sometimes when a guy and a girl break up, most of the concern goes toward the girl. Everyone sees that she is in pain and she's hurt. The purpose of this poem is to point out that everyone in the relationship has been affected. The guy hurts, too. He wants people to see that he is drowning while everyone is throwing her a life rope.

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He Is Hurting Too


Published: October 20, 2018

He's tired of the pain.
He's tired of every lie.
He's tired of the countless nights
When all he does is cry.

He's pretending not to care.
He said that he is fine,
But really he is hoping
Someone will read his mind.

Everyone's sad for her;
No one knows what he's going through,
And not even his friends can see
That he is hurting too.

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