Funny Valentine's Day Poem

I Don't Get Valentines Day

This poem is about basically every kids valentine's day. No one gets why we have it or why people fall in love it just happens...

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I Have An Idea


Published: February 2013

I don't get valentines day,
it's rather a pickle.
I don't get why we fall in "Love" so hard,
I say it's a set up,
for our hearts to burst.
But girls love it so I guess it's a curse.
Everything is pink & red,
except for my hair
Everyone says "Oh, love is in the air"
But I thought it's not true.
Until I saw Lilly sitting over there,
My heart raced, I was quite scared.
I never had this feeling didn't know what to do,
So I went to my teacher and asked
"Have you been in love too?"
She smiled and laughed "of course I have
It's awful hard and worth the wait"
So I guess valentines day isn't so bad,
I mean I fell in love with Lilly.J.Labb



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