Forgiveness Poem about Love

Forgiveness is hard when you are left alone to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. Dedication: Tyler

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I Wish I Didn't Remember


Published: May 2008

It was a night I wish I didn't remember
A couple months before December
I can't believe it happened this way
And now we both have to pay
All I remember is when you said I was the biggest mistake of your life
And when I took that pill I stabbed myself with a knife
I know that we made a mistake
And I know now you a just a fake
I look at you now and all I want to do is cry
Because all you left me with were a couple simple lies
We were like best friends
But now that journey has come to an end
I miss when we used to talk
But now all I see is your back when you walk
I hate having a class with you
All the memories of the things we used to do
I regret it all
And now I look at you and you seem so small
I thought you were smart
But all I figured out is that you have no heart
Life goes on I guess
I have made this such a mess
Everything happens for a reason
You're such a real good treason
You really hit two birds with one giant stone
I've never really felt so completely alone.


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