Goodbye Love Poem

Poem Of Lost Love And Painful Goodbyes

One last kiss, hug, and wipe away a tear before saying goodbye. The last time they see each other.

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I loved him, but he broke my heart a few days ago. He ended it through text, then blocked me on everything. I can't help but think of his smile, the way he'd look at me, and the way I wanted...

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Last Goodbye


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010 with permission of the Author.

I sit here waiting
Waiting for you to see
That time is running out
Come on and save me

It's not your fault I'm crying
So don't you think that at all
Don't feel guilty for something you didn't do
Just hug me and don't let me fall

Your arms are so soft and cozy
The look in your eyes, I can't forget
I wish you didn't have to leave
But I know the date is set

I let the tears fall down my face
But you tell me not to cry
And that everything will be fine
I know it's all a lie

I know you can't stand it either
That we'll be so far apart
And sleep all alone each night
Yet I know we'll still be together in the heart

You give me one last kiss and hug
And wipe a single tear
Wish me luck and say goodbye
For its the last one I'll hear


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  • Chelsea Bordeaux by Chelsea Bordeaux
  • 2 years ago

I loved him, but he broke my heart a few days ago. He ended it through text, then blocked me on everything. I can't help but think of his smile, the way he'd look at me, and the way I wanted him to be in my life for a long time. But he didn't have that same desire, and it broke me. Pulled me apart. Limb by limb. I can still hear his voice calling me babe and baby. But I'll never be with him again. It hurts more than anything in the world. I haven't felt this way in such a long time. 3 years to be exact. I wish he was still mine, but he's gone and probably has no intention of coming back. He said he wants me to be happy, but he was my happy. Our calls meant so much to me. His voice, his face, everything about this boy I adored. But I'll never get that back. I wish him the best.

  • Payar Veena by Payar Veena
  • 7 years ago

I loved her. I believed that she loved me too. She came to my school in 7th grade. I didn't talk to her that year, but the next year an incident happened. She forgot to take one of her books and I rushed to her school bus and gave her that book, and she said. "THANK YOU." That thank you and her smile just took away my heart. From then on I really loved her and I started talking to her through our common friend. She also started flirting with me. I believed she loved me. We both shared most of our beautiful moments in the backstage. Once she stepped on my shoes. She came and sat beside me, asked me for help for her anchoring competition. I thought she loved me, and slowly my friends started to tease me with her name. She never complained. Once I grabbed all my courage and with help of my friends I asked her. She stunned me and told we are just friends. I didn't talk to her for three months. Then I went to her and said sorry. Then I realized she was same to all. Now I blame myself. BUT I REALLY LOVE YOU ...

  • Ra by Ra
  • 7 years ago

Loved, rejected, loved, lost. My entire life I have stayed in my own dream land. Never fell in love. I don't know when how why and what happened. Suddenly in my post-graduation I started liking a guy. He was my friend. I was so sure that I had feelings for him, but I was afraid to tell him. Then I did with all my courage I had in me. I told him. As expected I went through rejection. Years passed, and I still loved him every single day of my life. Then other guy came in my life. Through the arrange marriage concept, I told him about my first love and told him I can't love again. It was hard for me to fall in love again, but he never lost hope and kept trying. Finally after days of talking I let my heart love again, and then our parents called off the wedding. It's true some people just don't deserve to love. I'm one of those.

  • Caylie Rush by Caylie Rush
  • 9 years ago

I loved him. He told me that for it to be love my feelings had to last at least three months, otherwise it was just a crush or infatuation. No, that is not true, at the time it had only been one month but I had fallen in love despite his warnings not to, because he was leaving the country that summer and he was afraid to break my heart. Each kiss was a reminder to me of my love and the soon to be loss. Each hug I never wanted to let go because I knew I would have to. I cried, he wanted it to be okay and was heart broken that he couldn't make everything alright. When he left, it was three months... then, even by his standards... I loved him.

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