Goodbye Love Poem

Poem About Regret Over Lost Love

To all the strong females who have been hurt in the past and don't believe they will ever find a true, real man again, this poem is a lesson learned the hard way, for you.

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He was my first love. We were 15. He flirted, I liked him, he liked me. He told me he wanted to be together. I took it as a joke, but I knew it wasn't. I kept pushing his love away, so we...

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The One Who Got Away


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008 with permission of the Author.

My heart literally hurts.
My chest is in pain.
Life without you
Will never be the same.

I can't blame you
Because I did you wrong too,
But now that it's officially over,
I don't know what to do.

We started out as friends
As I denied my feelings.
You came to me;
You wanted more with more meaning.

I did, but I was scared.
When you tried to be there, I left.
I thought you were better than me,
The best man I ever met.

As time went on,
I regretted my actions,
Got caught up in my insecurities.
They stopped me from acting.

I couldn't believe you chose me
When I knew you deserve better,
So I carried on,
As if I never met you.

I finally got the nerve
To look you in the eye.
Such a beautiful man you are.
It shook me inside.

I tried to mend what I tore,
But the damage was done.
I came back too late.
You found someone.

I'll never forget your smile.
I'll never forget your kiss.
But your presence in my life
Will forever be missed.


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  • Lovevae by Lovevae, nyc
  • 1 year ago

He was my first love. We were 15. He flirted, I liked him, he liked me. He told me he wanted to be together. I took it as a joke, but I knew it wasn't. I kept pushing his love away, so we stopped talking as much. I got jealous when he finally got over me and started talking about how he liked this other girl. I blocked him for a few months because we started to argue, and we said things we didn't mean, but when I came back, he had a girlfriend. We started to talk as friends again for a few months, but it wasn't the same. He stopped texting first, so I gave him the same treatment, and we just fell apart. We would only talk once a month (sometimes less) because he wanted to "catch up." The new year came up, and I began to miss him as winter was when we first met. I told him I miss him and I hated how he never talks to me. He apologized, but I chose to believe it wasn't genuine to protect my heart. We haven't talked since then. It's been 6 months and 22 days. His b-day was 12 days ago. I miss him..

  • Salma Alhamdy by Salma Alhamdy, libya.almarj
  • 2 years ago

I lost my boyfriend, also due to my stupidity, and I was careless about him. I feel empty without him. I remember his hugs and kisses each day and every night. I imagine him beside me.

  • Roxanne by Roxanne
  • 4 years ago

It's been more than a year since we broke, up but my love for him never fades. Time passed and my heart heals, but I still can’t forget his beautiful smile, his eyes so lovely, and I am wishing one day even minutes or seconds I can see him again from the distance. I will be happy.

  • Andrew Napolitano by Andrew Napolitano
  • 7 years ago

I regret the love I lost but never forgot the night we had. Never told her how I felt. I left to go and fight. When I returned she was gone forever, never to have again except for that night. I have always regretted what could have been. I will never find out even at my end. The memories still haunt me every day of my life. It's been 48 years since that night. She may not even remember me even if we met, but I will always remember her and my love for her is still the same as that night. If only.

  • Anamika Das by Anamika Das, West Bengal
  • 8 years ago

He was my first love. At first when we came into relationship he was not serious but as time passed he became serious and so did I. One day his parents just called my parents and told them everything about my relationship with their son. As a result my family condemned all the restrictions they could on me, then I started ignoring my love and I ditched him by a lie that I'm in relationship with some other guy. He was broken to hear these words from me and thus we got apart. Time changed and so did we but my feelings for him was intact and I didn't fall in love again and didn't make any boyfriend. Now after 4years of a long search I finally found him and we are together now but that addiction is lost somewhere maybe it is because I had disappointed him last time and he now doesn't want to be serious for me. So I just want all the readers to feel my story relate to it with their own lives and do not make these mistakes in their lives.

  • Steffi by Steffi
  • 8 years ago

I loved him a lot.... way beyond my own life. He was my first love and I spent my days thinking of him. He promised to stay forever and I believed him. He was my best friend and I always ran to him in my times of trouble. But one day.... he just left. Suddenly, I was alone. I had no shoulder to cry, no person to laugh with and no reason to live. I cried and wept but nobody was there to listen. Time healed a bit but memories always linger. I found solace in writing poems and I have managed to live through it all. He never looked back but I still miss him terribly. At times, I wish that my memory would be swiped off.

  • Iwashisprincess by Iwashisprincess
  • 9 years ago

Reading this knowing We could have had it all makes me so sad, all of my insecurities just pushed him away.
Tears in my eyes.

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