Heartbreak Poem

Last Goodbye Letter

I thought I truly found happiness, like most people do, only to find out he was with someone else. I started writing him a letter, sort of a last goodbye, when I realized that I was writing a poem. Even though things didn't work out for the two of us, I feel that this poem explains exactly all I was trying to say to him. I wasn't trying to say goodbye; I was just hoping that he could feel a little bit of what I was feeling, you know, hoping for his love.

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Published by Family Friend Poems August 2012 with permission of the Author.

I write this poem for you to read,
with heartache that will forever bleed.
I wish things were so different.
Sadly, this is what you've made of me.
I sit here alone day by day,
realizing my life is better off this way.
I admit I still hurt from all your lies,
yet you'll never hear my cries.
You once made my world stand tall and proud.
Now what's left has crumbled down.
Something good has come of this,
One more chance to find true happiness.
I guess this is goodbye, and so it shall be,
wishing for your love was foolish of me.
I will move on, which was too easy for you.
I wrote this poem hoping you'd feel heartache too.


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