Valentine's Day Poem to Girlfriend

This is the first poem I have ever written. I decided to give it to my girlfriend I thought I was losing. Rhyme is not the point of this poem; it's more a story of the love you can't find. Instead people have to give it to you, and you don't always see it.

As for people who think poems are only about the rhyming, I believe that they come from your heart as this one did mine. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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So interesting and touching. The poet really knows what physical and spiritual love means.

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My Heart Forever


Published: February 2009

For this Valentine's Day,
I don't have much money,
No rings, or a car, or a special necklace,
What I instead decided to give you is something priceless,
It's something every girl wants,
No girl seems to find,
Money can't buy,
What some people call the meaning of life,
And what others say only God himself can award you.

What is this priceless treasure?
It's something I can't give any other girl in the world,
Something you cannot return,
And the only treasure you will have after you die.

When you see God at the gates to Heaven,
He will ask if you have found true love.
You will say "No, I didn't,"
It is then he will look at you strange,
You will ask what's wrong and he will say,
"If you didn't find true love,
Then why do you have two hearts?"
At this time you will remember,
That it was me who gave you,

My heart forever...



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  • Victoria Grant by Victoria Grant
  • 3 years ago

I lost my husband physically nearly 2 years ago now. It has taken me awhile and I am still in the process of understanding that he never really left me. It is a process, one that I am being extremely patient with. I owe it to myself to be kind, gentle and patient to and with myself. My husband was/is my everything! If I could just speak into the Universe and put this out into the ether - I would want my husband to know that I am so tremendously grateful for the love we share and shared while he was physically here. You know while he was in the earthly realm, he never told me he loved me. He showed me. I at times doubted that he did. Now though as I go along this healing journey, I more than understand - I actually OVERSTAND just how much this beautiful and brilliant celestial Being LOVES me. I am so grateful. Thank you Adrian. Je t'aime. Je t'aime beaucoup. Je vous remercie. I bow to you.

  • Virti Verma by Virti Verma
  • 3 years ago

I loved this poem.It was heart touching. The poet expressed his/her feeling and his/her love in a nice way.....

  • Tindiwensi Vanansio by Tindiwensi Vanansio
  • 2 years ago

So interesting and touching. The poet really knows what physical and spiritual love means.

  • Masibulele Kona by Masibulele Kona, Capetown
  • 5 years ago

I never thought love really existed until the time I first set my eyes on you. My heart stopped for a moment your smile was amazing your beautiful eyes shines like a star and every time I close my eyes I see your beautiful smile...happy valentines I love you so much

  • Lindokuhle by Lindokuhle, Hazyview
  • 6 years ago

Wow this is touching, I love it!! I believe that a girl can't resist such a story & it's fresh lovely it shows the feeling of love. Don't love poems but this one its exciting.

  • Andy by Andy, Az
  • 7 years ago

This is excellent! I am not much of a poet either, but I do believe that it is an excellent way to express your true feelings.

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