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Thoughts About Shadows

I just got to wondering about shadows. We all have one, but how much do we really know about them? Where do they go when we can't see them?

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My Shadow

© more by Peter R Wolveridge

Published: November 2018

I quite often look at my shadow.
I like how it follows me round
And does all the same things that I do
Without ever making a sound.

It hides when the weather is cloudy.
But I know it's always quite near,
For later, as soon as the sun shines,
My shadow is bound to appear.

I've noticed sometimes in the evening,
While watching the sun going down,
My shadow gets all tired and lazy
And stretches right out on the ground.

But then when it comes to my bedtime,
I lie down and switch off the light.
My eyes close; I can't help but wonder
Where shadows like mine go at night?

Perhaps it meets with other shadows,
Sits down and tells them about me,
The silly things that I've been doing
And hears its friends laughing with glee.

But when I awake in the morning,
I'm always delighted to see
As soon as I draw back the curtains,
My shadow's there waiting for me.


more by Peter R Wolveridge

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