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Most pet owners think that their pet is special in some way but the owner in this poem is very hard to please.

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My Hamster Performs Somersaults

© more by Cynthia C. Naspinski

Published by Family Friend Poems June 9, 2023 with permission of the Author.

My friends are all astonished
At the things my pets can do.
They say my pets are gifted
But I hardly think that's true.

My hamster performs somersaults
When leaping from his wheel.
He never sticks the landing
So I don't see the big deal.

My cat plays the piano
Only when she's in the mood,
But her singing is atrocious
And she usually gets booed.

The dog likes playing Scrabble
But he's not much of a threat.
The words he plays are basic
And he hasn't beat me yet.

My parrot recites poetry
That he likes to compose,
But nothing ever rhymes
And I am not a fan of prose.

The goldfish in his fish tank
Enjoys playing water polo,
But his goals aren't that impressive
'Cause he's only playing solo

So you see, my pets are really
Just a pretty average bunch.
Now I have to go wash up
Because the dog has made my lunch.


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