Goodbye Love Poem

A Love That Ended In Sorrow And Despair

I wrote this poem after watching someone close fall madly in love, then seeing and feeling her pain as the romance broke up. The poem starts with an introduction placed above the poem's title. Below the title there are six four-line stanzas. There are ten syllables in every line, the rhyme scheme being AABB.

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She Once Held A Dream

Beryl L Edmonds © more by Beryl L Edmonds

Published: November 15, 2019

This tale's of someone who once held a dream
Till the day she fell apart at the seams.
A dream that vanished up into thin air
That left its trail of sorrow and despair.

She Once Held A Dream

There was a lady who once held a dream.
She couldn't see that all wasn't as it seemed,
That love would fade and be ended so soon,
Disappearing like waning crescent moon.

Anonymous hearts, two raw anguished souls,
Sadly for them end of romance bells tolled.
This had been the love she'd never forget
Best thing that'd ever happened to her yet.

Pure moments of bliss, golden promises.
They shared many loving, tender kisses.
Stars shone brighter, a heartfelt surrender
To the magic of amorous splendor.

Life danced along in harmonious bliss.
Her heart she gave him; he handed her his.
In passionate state of fascination
They pledged they'd last a lifelong duration.

Came the day the sweethearts' lovelight crumbled.
Rainbows tumbled and the heavens rumbled.
There was something wrong that neither could fix
As their hearts went into total eclipse.

A love story that came to naught, but woe
The day she had to let her sweetheart go.
The lady still loves him, and still she weeps
For the dream that she once held in her keep.


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