Cheating Poem

She tried to lie to me.

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Snake Charmer

© more by Sean O'Brien

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009 with permission of the Author.

What she hid
I found her searching for something.
She had a suitcase full of dreams.
I tried so hard to give her everything it seems.
I built my hopes, my life, my future, my world around her heart.
I thought life was great, even though we had a rocky start.
Dishonesty and half-truths clouded and loomed over our daily life.
Now I feel as though I lost my best friend, my wife.
I did my part to hurt her.
How deep? I may never know.
To make it up to her, there's no length I'm not willing to go.
Every tomorrow's a challenge trying to scrape up a little hope
When feeling so empty makes it so hard to cope.
When you left, you took my heart, my will, and reason to live.
I'm sorry for taking that for granted.
All you did was give.
You deserve honesty, integrity, a kind and caring man.
Believe me, Love, I get the picture and fully understand.
I admit my wrongs, working to make them right.
Tell me there's still a reason for me to fight,
To keep your love in my life, for our children and our dreams.
I thought I gave you all, but now nothing is what it seems.
The only rock I lean on is my faith in love for you.
Taken our vows to heart, reminding me of when we said "I do."
As you've paid for my past time and time again,
I say to you now I understand,
And this cycle has come to an end.
You are more important to me than anyone in my life.
I've never felt deserving of such a wonderful wife.
You've shown strength beyond your years and love I've never felt.
Yet I was forced to deal with the bad hand I was dealt.
But for all my wrongs and mistakes, there is still a good side of me.
A husband who loves his wife ever so deeply.
Shelli, I've tried to be someone that you can be proud of,
A man who never turns his back and is always willing to show his love,
A father who'd walk through fire to provide for his family,
The man his wife needs him to be.
Please look in your heart, remember all we've been through.
Deep down you will find the man who loves you.


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