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Anger At Cheating Boyfriend

Live learn and don't give up on yourself, Only give up on the one who gives up on your love first!!!!!!!

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Never You!!

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Published: October 2012

How can you look into my eyes,
open your mouth and tell me all these lies?
You brought me so much hurt and pain...
You're driving me insane...
Yet you don't even feel your shame...
I gave a chance but you're still the same...
How many more times will you make me cry,
how many times have you told a lie?
I feel the need to die...
Don't touch me, I hate that feeling!
My heartache has no more healing. 
You see, you chose her over me.
Why can't you let me be free?
I want so much to forget you,
so much to lose you out of my dreams...
It's unbelievable how blind you made me...
Made me believe that you were the best.
You turned out to be worst than the rest.
I loved you and gave you my all,
Now it's my turn to stand up high and tall.
You were the one I trusted.
We had a special bond together,
you even said I was yours forever.
Well, "Forever now is gone" and ,"Gone is forever".
I wish I could've read your mind,
so that I knew what I was about to find...
I would of ran away so far..


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