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Summer Day Fishing With Family

The joy of a carefree day of fishing is expressed in this poem.

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Tackle Box And Tangles


Published: February 2006

We'll grab our tackle boxes and head down the hill
Hoping today will be a big deal
Let's wish for no tangles in our lines
We all must be back by dinner time

The cattails are tall
The waters are deep
All of the fish are fast asleep

The little ones gather around the pond
All six of them have been fishing since dawn
They're only wishing if we had a magic wand
Said the little girl that was so blonde
We'll cast the rod side by side
Stir up the water so the fish cannot hide

We'll take the poles and reel them in
Cast them out again and again
We'll toss them in a net and we'll really try not to get wet

Mom will mix up the batter, and stick the fish on a platter
We'll eat till our bellies get fatter
It's time for bed, we'll check our heads
No ticks or fleas and mom is happy as can be



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