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Thanks To A Teacher For Help With Bullying

Hi, I'm Freya age 12, and I wrote this poem after I was being bullied and a teacher at my school said some things to me that really brought me back up. So, thank you Mr. Morgan.

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Mr Morgan


Published: March 2011

I wake up every morning
Feeling such a wreck
A rope that's slowly tightening
Wound around my neck.

The kids say that I love you
Taunting every day
Lying, spreading rumours
Do they have to be this way?

The only little breather
I get from all this stress
Is when I come to Choir
'Cos I forget about the mess.

You may think I'm a stalker
That I'm in love with you
But in fact you are a teacher
Who's really helped me through.

So thank you, Mr. Morgan
For the kind words that you said
Even if I'm forgotten
They'll remain in my head.



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