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Poem To My Ex-Boyfriend

This poem is dedicated to my ex-boyfriend. I hope to make amends with him and one day be with him again. I have hurt him very much and am truly sorry for it. I want everybody to know that I still love him and am truly sorry for everything I did. When I recover, I hope to be with him again someday.

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Just stay calm. It's ok and just say you are truly sorry and that you know you lied a lot and you understand if they don't forgive you. Just say that.

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So Precious And So Rare


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008 with permission of the Author.

Your friendship is a gift
Oh so precious and so rare
Sometimes I take it for granted
Sometimes I do despair

Some days I say I love you
Some days I treat you bad
I say things I don't mean
But I never meant to make you mad

Every day is a struggle for me
My mind is an angry storm
Suffering from illness
That makes me feel forlorn

They say I will get better
All I need is time
Meanwhile I am losing friends
Which is not a very good sign

Once rejected by my mom
Now one can only see
A walking skeleton, pale and weak
A mental patient, that is me

Sickness consumes my life
Getting worse year by year
It made me lose my sailor,
My best friend despite what you hear

I live in fear of a particular treatment
The chance of being placed in a hospital
Surrounded by doctors and ones like me
I fear it may be possible

Oh, I wish I could get better
And stop the voices in my head
That make me angry and fearful
Causing me to say things I should have never said

Your love for me was wonderful
So precious and so rare
You loved me no matter what
And made me feel good everywhere

You left me for a noble reason
To protect our country over sea
And all you wanted to do
Was to be happy and free.

I promised I would be your friend
All the way to the bitter end
But instead I squandered your freedom
Along with a nasty message did I send

It tore you up and hurt you beyond repair
You ceased all contact with me because you got so mad
Now I regret writing it and cry all day
It was not worth it making you so sad.

Nothing good comes out of conflict
Nothing positive is near
I pray that you can someday forgive me
And speak those words that I want to hear

My fault is being sick
My mistakes are everywhere
Please let me not lose the gift
That is so precious and so rare.


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  • Diamond by Diamond
  • 10 years ago

OMG!!! Thank You For this poem when I was little I did a really Dumb Stupid Thing to my Best Friend...I took our relationship 4 granted and I was very Stupid for that. I sent her this poem but I skipped 1 stanza I don't know if she still believes me but she doesn't know how sorry I was for what I did and I was wrong

  • Becca by Becca, Illinois
  • 13 years ago

I have lied to my best friend in the entire world.....I have told her I was sorry more than once but she won't believe that I am sorry for everything I have done...........what do I do?!?!?!?!?!

  • Lucia by Lucia
  • 7 years ago

Just stay calm. It's ok and just say you are truly sorry and that you know you lied a lot and you understand if they don't forgive you. Just say that.

  • Magi by Magi
  • 13 years ago

Your poem touched me so much! You see my partner took his own life last year leaving me with our 2 year old son to bring up! I had no option but to leave him for my sons and myself safety and that's when he took his life! He had been refused help for his mental health problems and his death was a result of not receiving the help that he needed so bad! May be we could have worked at it if given the chance but we will never know!!! Anyway you make the most out of your precious life and always remember you are not alone with your illness!!! Respect....

  • Abigail by Abigail
  • 14 years ago

Thank you so much to the person who wrote this poem and to the website for publishing it. My best friend and I got in a HUGE fight and it seemed like it would never recover. We said very hurting things to each other. And this poem made me realize how precious and rare she was. I sent her this poem. Although I had to skip one stanza cause it didn't apply to my situation. Although it was beautiful. Anyways I sent her the poem and it touched her the way it touched me. Now whenever we tell anyone that we had a fight they laugh and don't believe us because we are so close now. Thank you again so much.

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