Romantic Valentine's Day Poem

Feel free to express this poem to a lover, friend, or even a family member. Lines from the first two stanzas are repeated in the last two stanzas in a different order.

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Valentine Lover

© more by Parker C. Blair

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2018 with permission of the Author.

Heart beating fast.
Love that is supposed to last,
A day,
A lifetime...

You're the wind to my mast,
The heartening blast,
Your love,
My Valentine...

They say that the roses are red
And violets are blue,
But there are no colors
When I am with you...

You're the wind to my mast,
Love that is supposed to last,
Your love,
A lifetime...

Heart beating fast,
The heartening blast,
A day,
My Valentine.



Look at my work,
Please smile,
Or cry.
I wish I could convey better.
But I'm good for my lines.

Don't call me a fake,
I know you like trolls.
But my life is mine,
No matter the tolls.

Feel your heart.
Let it play.
Here is my work.
Forever will it stay.

I will one day be forgotten,
Be it in ten years or...

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