Romantic Valentine's Day Poem

The Poem About What I'd Do For My Love

Love is a multifaceted thing. No matter what or how long love lasts, love will always be a treasured part of our future and past. Love helps to shape who you become. Love changes everything the moment that it's begun. Cupid, the archer, looks out from above, for those who're searching for someone to love. His arrow only flows to those he knows would gracefully accept a string to their bows.

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If I Could, I Would

Beryl L Edmonds © more by Beryl L Edmonds

Published: February 14, 2020

If I were an Artist, I'd paint pictures of you
Upon a canvas in lovely colourful hue.

If I were a Singer, I would sing you a song,
A beautiful melody to last you lifelong.

If I were an Actress, a starlet of the stage,
I'd play my part with finesse just for you always.

If I were a Dancer, I'd dance all through the night,
Just to be in your loving arms, holding me tight.

If I were a Poet, I'd write you a sonnet
With love and romance upon every line of it.

If I were an Author, I'd write our love story
That would light up the world with star-like bright glory.

If I were a Chef, I'd prepare a tasty meal,
A Valentine's special for my beau ideal.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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