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Poem About Books And A Girl Who Loves To Read

Poem about a love of books and about a girl who likes reading a lot.

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What Is A Book?


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the Author.

A book is pages, pictures, and words
Some have flying witches and birds
A book is like your friend
But according to me, a book never comes to an end!

My mom says I read a lot
And that is very good
We have to write about the book we've read
Especially while the story is still in our head

I said that I got full marks
Mum said, "Hey, you're one bright spark!"
I came out first
I was so happy I thought I would burst

My classmates said WOW!
You came out first in the grade
My teacher was so proud of me
She announced me in assembly!

You can never go wrong with a book
Because a book is like your friend
And a book, as you know, never comes to an end!


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