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I never really realized what poetry can do until in the last six weeks. My daughter has been asked to read my poem, "The Return," at three funerals. I have received notices from all over the country from other people who said how much it meant to them. At one time I had greeting card outlets in Nevada, California, and New York. Now, at 97, although I no longer write, I am so grateful to have been able to contribute what is needed.

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What Is Poetry?


Published: May 2018

There is more to poetry
Than rhythm and rhyme.
It's a window to our souls,
Undiminished by time.

It's where tears and joys
Are clearly expressed.
It's the thoughts that ordinarily
Might be repressed.

It can be set to music,
Increasing its worth,
Sending joy to the heavens
That encompass the Earth.

You can make almost anything
Become immortal
By poetic words
Sent over the portal.

So put down your thoughts
When you have inspiration.
You'll be adding your part
To the whole of creation.

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