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Poem About Lost Love

My poem is for any person (man or woman) who has ever lost someone. Whether through cheating, love gone cold, or any other type of hurt. The one I lost was my burning candle, and all I had to do to keep it burning was pay attention. I extinguished that flame by hurting her.

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When Love Dies


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009 with permission of the Author.

When love dies,
It ceases to exist.
And the flame that used to be,
Ceases to persist.

It feels like a wound that won't stop bleeding,
Like it's your last breath you're about to take,
And it feels like your soul's watching,
And all you can do is pray you wake.

When love dies,
It's like everything slows down to a stop
The tears that came rolling down your cheeks
Are taking ages to drop

To the cold tiled floor
I fell onto my knees,
It felt as if the light followed her shadow,
As she slammed closed the door...

Love died,
I know this because my soul died, too.
And it was hurting as much
As all the pain I put her through.

When love died
I ceased to exist
The only thing that kept us together...
Ceased to persist.


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