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I wrote this poem at school when my friends and I were talking about what we'll do after year 12. It suddenly hit me that because of my stupidity and paranoia, I made a terrible terrible mistake. I broke up with the one guy I've ever loved. And the thing that really makes me mad is that he gave me so many chances and I kept on letting my fear overtake my love for him. And even though my anxiety is sort of under control I know that we'll never be together again. ɛ

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Why Did I Break Up With The Guy I Love

© Jennifer Phillips

Published on August 2011

You poison me with your eyes,
Your lips curving drawing me in.
How can you trust me with all my lies,
Do you still love what's deep within?

I miss your breath against my neck,
How our fingers intertwined.
You'd kiss me goodbye with a tender peck,
Shooting chills upon my spine.

If only for a moment,
I can hold you close to me.
Feel your heart beat against my chest,
Fall into you immensely.




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