Life Lesson Poem

I think I had mixed feelings about this poem, but the older I get the more I realize that you are giving so many opportunities that you let pass you by, and then you think that it's all over and nothing can be fixed. Sometimes that is true, but while you're young you have to know that when things get hard you don't just give up, because it's the hard things that make you strong... so never forget that Life can be unfair but it's there, and it's worth living.

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Your Day Is Someday

© more by Taralyn Southam

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008 with permission of the Author.

Simple gifts of joy
Are life's special memories
So many forgotten daily treasures
Is like someone who won't read a book
The cover is opened and closed without thought
As you see every blue sky
And cloudless day,
Warm rain, on a sunny summer day
You walk by as you self-consciously stray
And so many joyful memories are forgotten
Just like that they go rotten
And as the hours go by
And life goes on
So many wonders to see
And you just run by carefree
As you listen to life's chime
You stand aside waiting for your time
But your time is when you realize
Just what you forgot
And how you walked into a big ole knot
And that as you stand aside
Your future flies by
Like it will not see you 
And then you hate how it took so long for you to see
That life's joy was every rotten memory


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