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  1. A Veteran's Duties

    • By Jason Matthew Keller
    • Published: September 2008

    If you are a Vet
    You might be in debt,

    Times were hard and it made you sweat...

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  3. Horseback Riding

    • By Brittany
    • Published: May 2012

    As you get on the back of the beautiful horse you become relaxed.
    Then you start off.
    Going faster and faster you feel free,
    free as a flying bird in the sky....

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    Yes, the description is perfect. It makes me remember when I would ride my horse, Golden Girl. The sound of horse hooves is my favorite sound to listen to, and if you get nothing else from...

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  4. Emotional Weather

    A rainbow
    Colours in the sky
    Reflection in the window

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    This poem actually is really "deep" it almost outlines the order of life and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoy many of your poems, but this only actually made me stop and gave me a new...

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  6. Allow Me To Dream

    • By Jeff Mynatt
    • Published: April 2017
    World Of Peace And Love

    As I look across a field of green, I dream.
    I look to the stars and wonder just how far, and I dream.
    I dream of worlds beyond where peace and love are one, and so I dream.
    If worlds like that exist and can live in heavenly bliss, why can't we?

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    This is beautiful. I share your dream even though these days I sometimes feel very naive. Are we moving farther and farther away from being able to get along with each other?

  7. Fly!

    • By Linette
    • Published: November 2016
    A Positive Take On Living Life

    Open heart and open mind,
    On a journey of a lifetime.
    Love and respect all,
    Get back up when you fall.

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  8. The Song Of Wind

    • By Natalia Huja
    • Published: June 2017
    Spring Turning Into Summer

    Wind is like peace.
    A swaying song it sings.
    Drifting away in the summer wind.
    Dancing grass in the field,

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    I enjoyed reading your poem on wind. There is something magical about just listening to the sound of the wind.

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  10. Let Love Go

    • By Kerry P. Howland
    • Published: July 2017
    Poem About Letting Go

    His love for you,
    he cannot show.
    For this alone,
    just let him go.

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    Very effective solution to mental peace has been given just in four lines. But it is easier said than done.

  11. Freedom

    • By Natalie
    • Published: June 2014
    Cinquain About Freedom

    Flag waves,
    The marching band goes by.
    Grateful for our soldiers who fought.

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  12. My Life

    • By Kimberly L. Mixon
    • Published: December 2016
    Hardships In Life

    My life hasn't been great,
    But I've made it through.
    My life hasn't been easy,
    But God said, "I've got you."

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  13. Those Who...

    • By Marijke Theart
    • Published: February 2016

    Those who judge are the ones who hurt the most.
    Those who preach are the ones who got preached at the hardest.
    Those who want to know everything are the ones who know the least.
    Those who have anger are the ones who really do care.

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