Short Poems

Short Poems

Why a Short Poem?

A short poem may be a stylistic choice or it may be that you have said what you intended to say in a more concise way. Either way, they differ stylistically from a long poem in that there tends to be more care in word choice. Since there are fewer words people tend to spend more time on choosing a word that fits the subject to perfection. Because of this meticulous attitude, writing a short poem is often more tedious than writing a long poem.

96 Short and Simple Poems

  1. 1. A Place To Be

    We all love being free. Still, how many really are? In the competitive, acquisitive world of today, I sometimes wonder how often we live free.

    Poem About Being At Ease

    Ever gotten there?
    To that place where
    You have nothing to prove
    and can just be.
    Nothing to hide
    and all can see.
    Nothing to lose
    and so you can breathe.
    Right in that place where
    you know you're free.

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  3. 2. I Love To Breathe In

    I lost my sense of smell when I got Covid, which made me appreciate my favourite scents much more when my sense of smell returned.

    Recovering My Sense Of Smell After Covid

    Homely aromas
    of freshly baked bread.
    Scents of the garden
    infused in my head.

    Wiffs of the sea
    whilst walking the beach.
    Sniffs of freshness
    from an apple or peach.

    The essence of a baby
    breathed in from its skin.
    And my love, ah my love,
    I love breathing you in.

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    Ann, this is so beautiful. I have a lump in my throat. Once again, you have an ability with such ease to create a masterpiece in just a few words. The fragrances you chose to mention are...

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  5. 3. Give Yourself The Gift Of Silence

    Take the time you need
    to crawl in a space
    of silence.

    You don’t owe anyone
    any story, or
    any explanation.

    You owe it to
    yourself to work on
    your healing.

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  6. 4. These Stories We Wear

    these stories we wear –


    are wrongly labelled
    as imperfections.

    but aren’t they such beautiful,
    courageous signs
    of how we have lived?

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  7. 5. You Already Were

    You were beautiful
    before they said, you are beautiful

    You were smart
    before they admired your smarts

    You were funny
    before they laughed at your jokes

    You were loved
    before they spoke those three words

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  8. 6. The Comfort Of Pain

    As a poet, I’ve grown used to embracing pain; to treating it as the fuel I need to create. These days I hold sadness to my chest like it’s another organ, something I’m terrified to be without. This doesn’t mean I’m always depressed or continually sad, but it does mean that I’ve learned to rely on pain I’ve already experienced. Sometimes, I wonder if I’ve begun to seek it out, to find new ways to shatter this thing behind my ribs.

    Live this way long enough and, eventually, the heartbreak begins to feel comforting; like an old friend. If I’m honest, i can’t help thinking it’s the only thing I can rely on not to leave. It’s the closest thing I have to home.

    Live with it
    long enough
    and pain begins
    to feel familiar,

    even comforting.

    I guess when
    it’s the only constant
    even heartbreak
    can find a way

    to feel like home.

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  9. 7. The Strength In You

    I’ve spent my entire adult life struggling with anxiety, always worrying about the worst case scenario. Even now I don’t know how to love something without being terrified of losing it. If I’m honest, some days I feel like I’m built entirely of glass.
    But I think there may be something profound in suffering; in the realisation that you’re stronger than you thought. I think back to the things I’ve been through, and while those experiences left their mark, I take solace in the fact that I’m still here; still pulling breath into these lungs. Maybe strength is a label that’s only earned from resilience; from enduring.
    The truth is, I had no idea how much I could take until the world showed me. There is strength here, even if I never wanted to find it.

    There is
    a strength in you
    you haven’t even
    begun to find.

    And that’s often
    how life works.

    You won’t know
    how strong you are
    until the world
    forces you
    to look.

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  10. 8. There Is An End To This

    I’ve struggled with my mental health for a long time now, and like anything, there are good days and bad days. But even at my lowest points, I try and remember the things I have already survived. I try and remind myself that every cracking sinew is just a moment in time.

    Ultimately, no matter how desperate I’ve felt, no matter how unsurvivable the breakdown may seem, the surface of the water is always reachable, eventually. Sometimes you just need to hold your breath a little longer.

    There is
    an end to this,
    I promise you.
    Even when
    it feels like
    you’re breathing
    of water,
    the surface
    is closer
    than you think.

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  11. 9. Worthy

    you’ve got to look
    straight into the
    tired eyes of the
    woman staring back
    at you in the mirror
    and tell her that
    she deserves the
    best kind of love,
    the best kind of life
    and devote yourself to
    giving it to her
    all over again.

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  12. 10. You Are Enough

    Along the way I have learned a tough lesson: even in my imperfection I am still worthy of love, someone’s time, and a consistent feeling of wholeness.
    My value is not connected to perfection, strength, or my ability to weather a storm. Which means that even on those days when I struggle to show up or feel ill-equipped, I am still a woman of worth and value

    You are enough
    You have always been enough, and
    You will forever be

    no matter what you see
    how you feel, or the lies you may

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  13. 11. Your Brilliance And Grace

    Beautiful Girl,
    you don’t even realize
    that some people
    look at your madness
    and see nothing but
    brilliance and grace.

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  14. 12. The Girl I Used To Be

    Try as I may, try as I do,
    there are days when I wish
    I could go back
    to the girl I used to be
    and tell her about
    all the roads to avoid.
    But if I did that
    I may not have become
    the girl I am now,
    and I am too proud of her
    to risk taking even one piece
    of her journey away.

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  15. 13. Life Isn't Black And White

    You can be unhappy and still be in love.
    You can be in love and still walk away.
    You can walk away and still feel the weight of loss.
    You can feel the weight of loss and still stand tall.
    You can stand tall and still be grieving.
    You can be grieving and still find joy.
    You can find joy and still miss what you had.
    You can miss what you had and still long
    for more.

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  16. 14. Just The Beginning

    one day
    it will be so clear –
    what you thought
    was the end,
    was really
    just the beginning.

    Some doors are hidden
    until we are ready
    to open them.

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  17. 15. Your Bravery

    You Have Come So Far

    You have come so far,
    trekked forward
    shedding layers of
    everything that
    held you back.
    no one can ever
    take your journey,
    your bravery
    away from you.

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  18. 16. It's The Simple Things

    It’s the simple things
    that bring me joy
    it’s being with you
    that fills my soul
    it’s everything
    that money can’t buy
    like love
    and freedom
    and kindness
    and a smile
    that sets my heart
    on fire

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  19. 17. Just The End

    • By S.L. Gray
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 27, 2021

    I regret the end.

    The way we couldn't
    leave one another
    without wounds.

    The way we made
    it seem as if
    all the love we shared
    was wasted time.

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    Wow! Good job. Sometimes hindsight will have us saying "What if?" And in the final review of an ended relationship, there may have been something else we could have done to make things work...

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  20. 18. Snowflakes

    I caught snowflakes
    on my fingertips
    but they melted
    to my dismay.
    I could not hold on
    to something
    that did not want
    to stay.

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    Awesome. When more of us realize that, the better off we all will be. I really like this poem.

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  21. 19. Winter Lullabies

    Winter speaks
    in blusters
    and lullabies fall
    with the snow.
    Some float
    through the air
    like flecks
    of magic,
    and some
    settle like dreams
    that didn't want
    to be caught.

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  22. 20. One Hundred Sixty-Six

    From Tanya Markul's second poetry book, The She Book v.2

    Taking Care Of Yourself

    I used to believe
    that I had to learn
    how to love myself
    before I could take care
    of myself.

    But I’ve realized that
    taking care of myself
    is actually teaching me
    how to love myself.

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