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  1. I'm Done

    • By Aarti Budhrani
    • Published: June 2012

    It has been long enough
    since we've been having the same fights
    every single day
    with the same complaints,

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    Your poem made me cry only because I feel the exact way at this very moment. I'm crazy for holding on to this day, but I'm afraid to lose him. I cannot speak without being told I'm...

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  3. Animal

    • By Stephanie Wilda
    • Published: April 2009
    Hang In There Girls It May Get Better

    the poor howls
    audible pain
    it thrashes around
    trying to regain its feet

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    I just wanted to say this is beautiful...and it's exactly how I feel as I'm losing my wife...

  4. Goodbye!

    • By Tiffany Lee
    • Published: May 2012
    Poem About Love That Could Have Been

    I am sitting here asking to let me see you one more time
    I know the reason you say no is because you know we will both cry.
    So I have to settle with this to tell you bye
    I have loved you for so many years.

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  6. My Goodbye Letter

    • By Tanya
    • Published: March 2009
    I No Longer Love You!

    For all the tears you made me cry,
    I hope you cry a thousand times more.

    For all the lies you ever told,

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    Could not have said it better

  7. It's Time To Really Let You Go

    • By Pink Ginger
    • Published: June 2015
    Poem About Not Wanting To Let Go

    Letting you go is not easy
    No matter how hard I try
    I cannot seem to get you out of my mind

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    Letting go is really hard but trying to forget is harder. Heh..reminds me of the times we spent together, me and my lover, everywhere I go it is all that I remember, I wanted us to stay...

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  8. I Love You....You Need To Go

    • By Liezl D. De Los Santos
    • Published: February 2009

    I've been longing to hold you...
    I've been longing to touch you...
    I've been longing to kiss you...
    and to feel your body next to mine...

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  10. You And Me

    • By Jennifer Curtis
    • Published: February 2011

    I held your hand for as long as I could,
    but I grew weak as you pulled and pulled...
    My heart broke when you walked away,
    no one would ever understand my pain...

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    My husband recently passed away. This poem made my tears stop to read this. I loved it.

  11. Never Wanted To Say Goodbye

    • By Ronnie Marks
    • Published: April 2009
    Poem Hoping Love Comes Back Around

    I think of her and our time together,
    And the tears come to my eye.
    I never wanted to see her go,
    Never wanted to say goodbye.

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    This is exactly what's going on with me and my ex. We had to break up since he wanted to get his life together. It sucks that I can't be with him but I'm hoping one day we'll be together...

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  12. What Love Can Mean

    How can I let go of you, the one who holds my heart,
    We loved being together, now we cry as we're apart.
    I turn and look one last time, as I slowly walk away,
    Holding out your hands, you quietly asked me to stay.

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  13. Love Hurts

    Poem About Being In A Bad Relationship

    I don't get how you can't see
    All the things you did to me.
    If only you knew
    All the pain you put me through.

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