Goodbye Love Poem

Message Of Help To Friend In Abusive Relationship

I know a very special person who is going through an abusive relationship. I wrote a poem for her the best I could to show her that it is possible to say goodbye.

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Goodbye To You

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Published: July 2017

I thought you were so cool.
   Boy, I was wrong.
   I feel like such a fool
   for trusting you so long.

   It seemed so perfect at first,
   and our love seemed so true.
   My heart felt like it would burst,
   and it was like I flew.

   But things got bad.
   My friends would often say,
   "This is very sad,"
   as we fought every day.

   I don't like what we've become.
   I feel like I'm in a daze.
   Am I just dumb?
   Because maybe all this is just a phase.

   Then, one day,
   you punched me in the face.
   No way I was going to stay!

   I'm not going to forget this.
   I knew what I had to do.
   I ignored your sorry kiss
   and said goodbye to you.


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