Goodbye Love Poem

He Is Falling Out Of Love With Me

So we are still together, me and this guy, but he is starting to drift away. He's always with this one girl now. I don't know. But I can tell soon he's going to forget about me. So I wrote a poem.

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Mia M. © more by Mia M.

Published by Family Friend Poems May 14, 2022 with permission of the Author.

So maybe I'm in love with you
Maybe you're everything I know that's true

But what does that matter if you hold her
This time I know for sure

You won't come back just because I ask
I'll be just another stupid task

A task for you to forget about
While I sit here, filled with doubt

I know that soon you'll forget my face
And our memories will start to erase

You'll tell her I was just a friend
And the story will begin to bend

In your story, we won't share a kiss
It's the tiny details you'll never miss

Someday soon I won't be in your story
And with her, you'll live in your glory

So go ahead and forget everything we've seen
Maybe one day you'll know how much you mean to me


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