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  1. It Feels Like A Lifetime Ago

    Feels like a lifetime ago
    that I loved like that.
    Wanting more
    and more and more.

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  3. Fixing A Broken Heart

    I can’t tell you
    how to fix
    a broken heart,
    but I can tell you

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    I like it. Those of us who have ever been in love or thought we were in love, know what it's like to have our heart broken. But I agree that time moves on. Not all love leads to heartbreak....

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  4. Restored

    • By Kelsey Brock
    • Published: January 2014
    Rhyming Sad Love Poem

    One. Two. Five. Ten.
    I am counting it over and over again.
    Twenty. Fifty. One-hundred and two?
    How many times you said you loved me true.

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    Powerful and sad. It paints a picture of someone who has come to the conclusion that there is no chance of recovery for their disillusioned and broken heart (life). Heavy!

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  6. Hole In My Heart

    • By Georgina F.
    • Published: August 2014
    Poem About A Broken Heart

    There is a hole in my heart; what can I do?
    Please, someone help me; I'm in pain too.
    I'm hurting so badly, can't shake this pain.
    I have this hole in my heart, my love was in vain.

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    My girlfriend and I had been together for 4 months. We were perhaps a little to adventurous for being together for such a short time, but it was my first relationship and I was in love. I...

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  7. The Dark Road To Love

    Destruction and ruination,
    Confusion and complication.
    That was all she ever was.

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  8. Rebirth

    • By Brett W. Jansen
    • Published: May 2018
    Dealing With Depression After A Breakup

    The rain falls upon the stone.
    No longer is it of use,
    For a crack has ruined its purpose.
    It is now only a tool for abuse.

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  10. Heartbroken

    A Broken Heart

    You broke my heart
    And won't repair it.
    You took my love
    and won't give it back.

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    i felt the same way you did 8 years ago, as I too loved her with my whole heart. Now I live alone and have been this way for almost 10 years now. I have never fallen in love since then, as I...

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  11. Old Times

    • By Katie M
    • Published: March 2016
    Poem About A Broken Relationship

    we were best friends?

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  12. To A Young Girl

    My dear, my dear, I know
    More than another
    What makes your heart beat so;
    Not even your own mother

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  13. Bottom Of My Heart

    Don't talk anymore, my love
    Just look at me
    and you will understand
    how I feel.

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    WOW!! This is exactly how I feel. The guy I love just fell in love with my best friend and I've been crying non-stop! This made me stop for the first time. Thank you.

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