Heartbreak Poem

Struggling To Let Go

This poem was written about my soulmate. We had to split up because I wanted to live a sober, happy life, and he was not ready for that. My heart was broken and so in love while he moved on.

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Lisa Melton ©

Published by Family Friend Poems February 9, 2023 with permission of the Author.

As time goes by
I replay memories of when you were mine
Asking what happened
And why did we grow apart and say goodbye
The pain of the love we just let go
Breaks my heart, but I won't let you know
Tears in my eyes I'll never show
Remember when we were happy, so long ago?
So many changes, life goes on
It hurts like hell 'cause I know you're where I belong
My love for you is still growing strong
It kills me inside knowing his love is gone
How do I make this pain go away
When my heart wants him here to stay?
It hasn't gotten easier, more like harder by the day
Before I sleep, to the Lord above I pray
For the strength to let go; please make this pain fade away
All that's left are these memories of what we did and plans we made
Our time is over, though
There's nothing more to say!


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