Thank You Poems

Thank You Poems

Gratitude to Family - Appreciation Poems

Saying thank you can be a difficult thing to do. Doing so means admitting that you are in another's debt. I am admitting that another individual did something for me. I am not all powerful, I need the help of others to survive. The reality is that the human race is interdependent. We cannot live life alone. We are constantly relying on each other for all kinds of resources, both physical and emotional. When I say thank you I am acknowledging that I have received something from another human being.

27 Poems about Being Thankful for Family

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  1. 1. The Greatest Parents On Earth

    I will never take for granted
    how greatly I've been blessed;
    For when it comes to parents,
    Mom and Dad, you are the best!

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    Even as a teenager I truly appreciated my parents, and now that they have both passed, I am thankful I told them over and over how much I loved them. I watched them love and be "stand-in"...

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  3. 2. You Are My Heart And Soul

    • By Elizabeth A. Robinson
    • Published: February 2006

    Thank you...
    For standing by me through thick and thin,
    For not giving up on me when I didn't win,
    For your patience when I kept pushing you away,

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    This poem is a well-deserved tribute to all mothers of the world. I am 72. I lost my mother in 1999. One has to go. She lived her life well. I do not have any regrets. This poem reminded me...

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  5. 3. Growing Up With Grandma

    • By Candy Canan
    • Published: May 2006

    I don't know when it happened.
    I don't know when she came,
    But she's the one I always knew.
    Grandma was her name.

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    This a was beautifully written piece. It "touched me" as the question asked. It also made me think about what my Grandma has been doing for me. This is encouraging, good work.

  6. 4. My Parents

    You are both special in every way,
    Encouraging me more and more each passing day.

    You both are the reason why I'm so strong.

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    I love my parents. Being with them is like riding a rainbow. Without them I wouldn't be where I am now: a smart, beautiful girl with sunshine in her eyes. I love my parents.

  7. 5. A Mother's Love

    • By Yasmine Ellaz
    • Published: May 2018

    Mum, thank you for keeping me close to your heart.
    Thank you for never allowing me to fall apart.
    Thank you for holding me up for all these years,
    But most of all, thank you for drying my tears.

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  8. 6. The Bond Of Family

    • By Michelle Peters
    • Published: February 2006

    Family is the strong tie
    That holds you to the ground
    When it seems that you have lost
    All that you had found.

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    Thank you this poem, saved my life. I hope it can do the same for more people.

  9. 7. A God-Sent Gift, A Beautiful Wife

    Your life on this earth has been a blessing to so many a soul
    My dear wife, I hope that is something that you already know

    I know what your life here has meant to me

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    To my wife - thank you for allowing me to have a wife. May we grow old together.

  10. 8. Thank You, Mother

    • By Nicole J. Heath
    • Published: August 2006

    Thank you, Mother, for all that you have done.
    You took great care of your daughters and sons.

    You loved us all from the very start

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    My mother gave birth to two boys: Stephen and me. She was our source of joy. She used to joke to us when she felt we were down. She used to motivate us and also challenged us to embrace...

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  11. 9. Always Watching

    • By Skye D. Barker
    • Published: July 2006

    I was watching you sleep the other day
    And prayed that it would last
    The peace that rested on your face
    I'd never seen in the past

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    Your words about mother brought tears to me. Three years ago, my mother passed away. She was 92+ at that time but very happy personality. Being the youngest child, I have seen her just...

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  12. 10. What Is A Dad?

    A Dad is patient, helpful, and strong
    He is there by your side when things go wrong
    He's someone who guides you to do the right thing
    And helps you solve problems that life sometimes brings

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  13. 11. Mom, My Angel

    • By Samantha N. Day
    • Published: November 2006

    Mom you're like an Angel
    Sent from up above,
    With all your kindness, tenderness
    And everlasting love.

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    My mom passed away February 21, 2015. She had been fighting for her life for the past 6 years. Sometimes I feel like it is just a bad dream, but it is real. I miss my mom very much. I never...

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  14. 12. Thanks Mom

    • By Casey Q. Thueson
    • Published: February 2006

    Without you, Mom where would I be?
    Through hard times you were there for me.
    A heavenly look always in your eyes.
    And with your love you strengthened seven children's lives.

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    This poem means so much to me because its so true. Mom was my world. It has been so hard on me. She worked so hard to be a good mom to us. She cared so much about us. She was there when we...

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  15. 13. Daddy Wasn't There

    • By Deven T. Smith
    • Published: April 2006

    you were there when I needed you
    to catch me if I'd fall
    but daddy didn't love me
    he didn't care at all

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    I grew up not knowing that I have a dad, because my dad left me when I was 4 months old and he never cared about me. My mom told me this year, and I looked for him and I found him, but he...

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  16. 14. My Angels

    • By Billie Jo Ferrin
    • Published: March 2011

    Just when I think the world has me beat,
    My two angels help me to my feet.

    They are always there whenever I call,

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    My mum did not die, but I do not live with my parents at all. I am adopted and live with a different set of parents.

  17. 15. Thank You For My Whole World

    Thank you for being there
    Every step of the way
    Thank you for guiding me
    When I went astray

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  18. 16. Thank You For Taking Care Of Me

    • By Jessica
    • Published: June 2008

    Thank you
    For everything you have ever done
    To make my life better.
    I might deny it sometimes,

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    Since I was born, I have never been loved by a person like the way my parents do. I was sometimes naughty, but they guided me through the right path. Days were sometimes dark friends turned...

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  19. 17. I Wasn't Raised In A Mansion

    • By Charlise Butner
    • Published: February 2006

    I wasn't raised in a mansion
    Or fed with a silver spoon
    I wasn't brought up to think money is everything
    Because only fools believe that's true

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    I am going to read this at my fathers 80th birthday party. We also did not have much growing up but the love of our parents made us all strong.

  20. 18. Thank You Letter To Sister

    • By Katie A. Neale
    • Published: February 2006

    Thank you for being there and for giving me a chance.
    Thank you for giving a care and not judging with a glance.
    Thank you for your support and your loyal heart.
    Thank you for no report and no judging on your part.

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    .WOW! .. it helps.. :) for our graduation.. thank you very much!

  21. 19. Thank You, Mom

    • By Saide
    • Published: December 2009

    You are my friend, my heart, my soul,
    You are the best friend that I know.
    You taught me how to live my life.
    You are the one who taught me wrong from right.

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    I have not gone home for eight months now. I have no reason because my mum is the best. She calls me every now and then but I haven't made any effort to go and see her. The poem has really...

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  22. 20. Parents

    • By Jennifer J. Bailey
    • Published: August 2006

    They tried so hard to make us see,
    We never listened, we only wanted to be free.
    They gave us the tools to build our life,
    We broke all the rules with our own strife.

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