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    Poems by Cm

  • For My Little One

    • Published: October 2018
    Although We Never Met

    in Miscarriage Poems

    I never saw your twinkling eyes
    Or touched your precious feet.
    I never shared a tiny yawn
    Or rocked you fast asleep.


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    This poem is everything I've been thinking but unable to say. I was a young mother. I'm 16 and I lost my baby. When I started bleeding they told me everything was fine. They told me my baby...

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  • A Prayer By Me

    • Published: September 2018
    A Final Plea For Help

    in Prayer Poems

    No one knows what I feel today
    Or that I'm dying inside.
    No one knows the pain I'm in,
    For it's nothing a smile can't hide.


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  • A Message From My Heart

    • Published: September 2018
    Being Left Used, Hurt, And Confused

    in Betrayal Poems

    I thought it was what I wanted.
    You promised me it was.
    You took me in your arms
    And told me it was love.


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  • Cm
  • 8 months ago

You are not alone with your feelings, and I'm glad my poem helped you. I was feeling literally the same way you do. And some days the feeling that its all my fault is so overwhelming, but I have found comfort in God, and I will pray for you and your baby too. You have all my love and support, and just know it's not your fault and you will be okay and God is holding and taking care of your baby in heaven until you are with him and can hold them yourself. :) Stay strong!!

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  • Cm
  • 10 months ago

I am so sorry for all the pain you are feeling, and if I could, I'd give you a big hug and try to make you feel better. I know you must have been scared and felt like there was no way out. But if you ever find yourself stuck again and if you every feel like abortion is the only way out just remember YOU DONT HAVE TO DO IT. There are so many people who will carry you through the tough times and will be by your side and help you have your baby. Also God forgives you and will forgive you a thousand times over because he loves you. He loves you so much and he will never turn his back on you no matter what! Right now he is holding your baby in his arms protecting your sweet child until you are in heaven and can hold your baby yourself. I know we live in a crazy world, and I know there are more bad days than good, but just remember God loves you, and there are so many people who are willing to support you with all the love and resources you need to heal and never have to make that decision again.

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