Betrayal Poem

Being Left Used, Hurt, And Confused

My first "serious" boyfriend was a few years older than me and knew how to get what he wanted. I would beg him not to do things, but he would convince me if I loved him I would do it. I felt used and hurt, especially when it was made clear that he wasn’t sincere and didn’t care about me the way I cared for him. I did things for him and let him do thing I never in a hundred billion years would have said yes to. I went against my character to please someone and was left so incredibly empty.

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A Message From My Heart

© more by Mary Cathleen

Published: September 2018

I thought it was what I wanted.
You promised me it was.
You took me in your arms
And told me it was love.

I knew it wasn't right,
And I wanted it to stop.
You told me not to worry.
My efforts were for naught.

You told me it's okay,
That everything is fine,
That what we had together
Was something more divine.

You said we'd never part,
And so I made my choice.
I went against my heart
And listened to your voice.

And like a child, I heard you,
And like a slave, I obeyed,
And like a fool, I believe in part
That you meant what you say.

But now I'm left all by myself,
A flower trying to stand tall
But to no avail; I push myself
For my petals just wilt and fall.


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