Miscarriage Poem

Although We Never Met

At the moment I realized I was pregnant, I fell in love. I loved my child so much and for the next two months my excitement grew and the fear that once was buried in me about being a young single parent was gone. Then one day I felt funny and started to bleed. I lost my baby. My heart is still broken, and I wish I had the chance to tell them how much I love them. Grieving the death of my child that I never had the chance to meet has been the greatest struggle of my life.

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For My Little One


Published: October 1, 2018

I never saw your twinkling eyes
Or touched your precious feet.
I never shared a tiny yawn
Or rocked you fast asleep.

I never kissed your tiny hands
Or saw your little smile.
I never held you in my arms,
But I held you for a while.

Although I never saw your face
Or heard your precious laughter,
You're still my child whom I love
And will forever after.

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