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I have been writing poems for years. I haven't written one for about 4 years. When my youngest brother passed away suddenly in August this year took me and my family for a loop. So a couple day after his death I just couldn't sleep so I got out my notebook and pen and began writhing when done I had wrote the poem. I read it at his service .He was 47 years old and on October 24th he would have turmed 48 and I will be 53. He was born on my 5th birthday we use to be like twins but 5 years apart. If I would cut a finger he would cut the same one as well we felt each other's pain at times. We were very close ( even tho he was my half brother) .i have 4 grand babies 2 boys 2 girls in which I adore. I love my family with my whole heart and more. I would move mountains for family friends and anyone else that needs help. In June I lost my dad July my uncle(my dad's brother) then in August my baby brother. It's been a very trying and rough road but with God by my side I will prevail.

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    Poems by Shelly Bottoms Domenici

  • For My Mama

    • Published: May 12, 2019
    In Loving Memory Of My Mama

    in Mother Death Poems

    You had a
    heart of gold
    and a
    beautiful soul.


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  • For My Brother

    • Published: October 5, 2018

    in Brother Death Poems


    You left without
    Gone so fast.
    Now all we have


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    This poem hits home. My loss was my older brothers. Years have passed, but still that pain remains. Memories of them creep in every day, but still it hurts to be reminded of the loss my...

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