Mother Death Poems

Loss of Mother Poems

Mothers are faithful companions and confidants even in the most difficult times. Mothers dedicate their lives to caring and providing for their children both physically and emotionally. They always seem to know how to help them to overcome problems and thrive in spite of them. A mother's love is irreplaceable, which makes losing her to death an incredibly painful experience. While sons and daughters of all ages carry within their hearts a dull and lasting ache where they once felt love and security, it is important they continue searching for the happiness their mother always desired for them.

Poems For Sons And Daughters Remembering Mom


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  1. One More Day

    Poem About Mother Being A Best Friend

    I wish for nothing more
    Than just one more day,
    For I would give it all,
    Just to hear her say.

    Poem About Mother Being A Best Friend, One More Day

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  3. I'm Here

    Poem About Mom Being A Guardian Angel

    Sleep now, my angel, and rest your eyes.
    Mommy must say her last goodbyes.
    Please don't be sad, and please don't cry.
    Mommy will give you the wings to fly.

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  4. No Goodbyes

    Last Moments With My Mom

    Oh Father, can you hear me?
    I'm sending a prayer your way,
    I'm clutching hard to my faith, as mom taught me,
    As she draws closer to you each day.

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  6. You Mattered To Me

    Poem About The Love A Daughter Has For Her Mother

    You lived your life thinking that no one cared
    You thought you were all alone, your heart feeling tattered
    I am here to tell you that you were wrong
    'Cause you see - Mom - to me you mattered

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  7. My Mother My Angel

    Once upon a time an angel held my hand, 
    She wiped away my tears and helped me understand.
    Our time on earth is brief, there's lessons to be learned,
    Each precious day God gives us another page is turned....

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  8. My Mother

    • By Carol Bodenham
    • Published: October 2015
    Poem About Seeing Mother In The Sky

    Look up to the sky
    Now tell me what you see
    A cloud, the moon, possibly the sun
    Many answers there will be

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  10. Although You're Gone

    • By Shannon Walker
    • Published: August 2015
    Poem About Love Making Loss Easier

    Although you're gone, I'm not alone,
    And never shall I be,
    For the precious memories of the bond we shared
    Will never depart from me.

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  11. Your Mother, Your Angel

    Death Of Sister In Law Poem

    You look back on memories you forgot you had,
    And at times you'll smile even though it hurts so bad.

    Your mother is a special woman and no one can take her place,...

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  12. Mother Last Day

    I held her hand as she silently whispered her goodbye
    A last breath as I watched her die
    Her skin swollen-battered and bruised
    By all the things that they felt they needed to use...

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  13. Last Fight

    • By Lorna Ferguson
    • Published: March 2011
    Deceased Mother Poem

    A face that is always on my mind,
    A smile I have seen a million times.
    Two eyes that would light up the sky at night,
    One last battle you could not fight.

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