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    Poems by Suhaani

  • A Chilling Day

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    • Posted on 01/13/19
    A Chilling Thrilling Holiday

    in Poems by Kids

    On a summer holiday,
    I wake up at eight.
    Compared to other days,
    It's awfully late!

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  • On A Rainy Day

    • Published: October 6, 2018
    Happy Feelings In The Rain

    in Poems by Kids

    A freezing cold breeze,
    Just swept my face.
    Excited I went,
    To seize my "RAIN CASE"


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  • Cool Summer

    • Published: August 15, 2018
    Enjoying The Hottest Weather In The Coolest Way

    in Nature Poems for Kids

    Here it comes,
    Ready or not.
    Summer's coming,
    And it's going to be hot!


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  • Suhaani, india
  • 9 months ago

It is a beautiful poem about autumn, and it has been portrayed in words beyond my reach.

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  • Suhaani, india
  • 10 months ago

It's a very nice poem. It expresses a person's life without parents, and the story has been very beautifully composed into a short and sweet poem!

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  • Suhaani, india
  • 11 months ago

The poem was well-written. It was based on real life and it had true meaning!!

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