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Enjoying The Hottest Weather In The Coolest Way

Summer is the hottest season, and some people dread having summer around, but if we all see summer in a different way, then we can find so many interesting things to do. Most of my good memories are in summer, and that's what makes the season so special for me.

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Awesome poem, Suhaani. I love the way you wrote about summer.

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Cool Summer

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Published: August 2018

Here it comes,
Ready or not.
Summer's coming,
And it's going to be hot!

Summer is the time
Just to be free.
Run in the parks
With unbearable glee.

Roll on the grass,
Climb up the trees.
Make shapes from the clouds
While enjoying juicy berries!

Rest on the mat,
Or jump in the pool.
Have ice cream or juice
'Cause you gotta keep cool.

Chill by the shore,
Or sunbathe on the sand.
Have a dip in the sea
Or relax and get tanned.

Switch on the A.C.,
And, oh, switch on the fan.
Breathe in the cool air,
And have a drink from a can.

Summer is a time
Of all the joy and play.
But can you believe,
It's not around to stay?

At night we look into the sky.
Summer will be gone with all its bloom,
And in a blink of eye,
Winter will be here soon!


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  • Shaurya by Shaurya
  • 1 year ago

Awesome poem, Suhaani. I love the way you wrote about summer.

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