Heartbreak Poem

How Do I Mend A Broken Heart?

I am lost without you.

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I am feeling this poem deep in my heart. My husband of 10 years has found someone else to love. He asked me to move out, and I have. I feel so disconnected from my life, the life I knew. I...

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A Broken Heart

© more by Jenna

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008 with permission of the Author.

How do I mend a broken heart?
My entire world has fallen apart.
How do I find hope in a brand new day,
when the one I love has gone away?
My mind overflows with memories of you,
of all that we've shared, all that we knew.
I long for your touch and your warm embrace,
the look in your eyes, the smile on your face.
My dreams are filled with your soft gentle kiss.
I wake and cry for all that I miss.
How do I mend a broken heart,
when my one true love and I are apart?
My heart knows to love only you, it won't let go, what do I do?
Our moments together were precious and few,
but I cherished them all more than you knew.
I love you, my angel, and always will.
I loved you then and I love you still.


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  • Nidhi Rana by Nidhi Rana
  • 3 years ago

Carrying a broken heart inside you is like carrying the shards of glass that pierce you and bleed you from the inside. And it is not easy to show these wounds to the world outside because most of them would not understand. Ultimately it comes down to your own self, to help yourself heal. Love doesn't die, for all your love and the loss of it, you simply learn to live. And as time goes by, you only feel that pain inside you when you lie awake at night thinking of him or when you dream of him and wake up to find that he's gone. At times, it seems your heart might burst but it's only more painful to find that it doesn't.

  • Denise by Denise
  • 5 years ago

I am currently going through something similar, only I left my boyfriend of 10 years for many reasons. We have 3 kids together. I have dated someone since then, but I still think about him a lot. I don’t know why because I really hate what has happened to our family, but it’s like I don’t know how to let go. No matter what, I still think of him. I see him in the kids. It’s so hard. I wish I knew a way to let go completely. I’m gone physically but not mentally.

  • Sando Torrono by Sando Torrono
  • 6 years ago

Thirty-one years ago the man I loved left our home and disappeared from my life. I had a premonition of sorts back then that he came back and we were happy for a long time, and then he disappeared again. Seven years ago we reconnected. We have been best friends as well as lovers. He disappeared again, and once again my heart is broken. But I knew it would happen. Imagine the one you love more than anyone in the world who is your best and closest friend suddenly disappears from your life, never to be heard from again. I long for a real relationship to heal my heart.

  • Bigadon by Bigadon
  • 6 years ago

It's true you went away from me, but I long to be with you always. Even in your absence I still smell and feel your lovely touch and warmth. All I can see in the day is your shadow and your aura in the night. I am not a perfect being, yet I ask for forgiveness when I do wrong. As for you, I do not count your errors. All you do is perfect in my eyes, but let your mind teach you a better path of life. Whichever the path may be, let it just be with me.

  • Monique by Monique
  • 6 years ago

I can't seem to get over my ex. I feel as if somehow we are meant to be. I just feel as if one day we will end up together again. I honestly do not know if I should let go and move on...because I still have so much faith.

  • Chris by Chris
  • 5 years ago

I know how you feel. It's hard to let go of the person you truly love. I thought I knew what love was until I found my ex. She made me feel what love truly is and how pain really feels. Physical pain hurts, but nothing can touch a broken heart.

  • Steppie by Steppie
  • 5 years ago

I'm facing the same situation. It has been 2 months since we broke up. He always asks me how I'm doing. Looks like he still loves me. Yeah, I feel glad he does, but at the same time I'm just mad at the fact that we love each other but have not been together. Why did he give up on me when I put my hope high in our relationship and now he wants to be friends? We've been texting a lot as exes, and I feel weird about it because for me we're not friends. They say that you've matured enough when you can still be friends with your ex. Do you agree?

  • Sylvia by Sylvia
  • 6 years ago

I know exactly how you feel. It feels like the world is against you and that life is testing your love. I don't know if I should let go, either. He's hurt me so much, but I can't stop loving him. There's an aching hole that gets deeper every day, but still I hold on that one day we will reunite.

  • Jennifer by Jennifer
  • 6 years ago

I read your message, and it reminded me of my relationship with a guy I dated for over two years. He was my first love, and I thought I was going to marry him. But he was unsure of us, and he was demanding of me, and he was still living at his parents' house. He was not ready for a life of marriage, and at the time I wasn't either. I broke up with him because I no longer saw a future with us anymore, and I can honestly say that I am happy we broke up. I know it stings to be apart from someone, but if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. I do believe you will get over your ex and find a new person in your life, but I think it is better to be single than to be in a bad relationship. Trust me when I say that moving on from my boyfriend wasn't easy. It probably took me maybe three months before I got over it, but I know if I didn't break up with him I would never have allowed myself to find a man who truly loves me.

  • Alice Cullan by Alice Cullan
  • 6 years ago

I used to like this boy and we dated for 4 years, but he cheated on me with one of my best friends, so we broke up, and I found someone who likes me for me, and he would never hurt me. But yet I still miss my ex-boyfriend. What should I do?

  • Ashlei M Yeoman by Ashlei M Yeoman
  • 6 years ago

Honestly you should try your best to move on and be happy with someone else. No woman should miss a guy who did her wrong like that. It's going to take time to move past your ex, but I believe you can do it. And if a guy likes you for you then your best chances are with him.

  • Cat by Cat
  • 6 years ago

I recently fell in love with this boy and he fell in love with me, but his parents didn't approve of us, so we decided to just hang out whenever we could. His parents told him to stop keeping in contact with me outside of school, so I finally just decided to end the relationship because I was tired of wanting something I would never have. Now I miss him more than ever, and I don't know what to do.

  • Chloe Mccurdy by Chloe Mccurdy
  • 7 years ago

So there is the guy who I've gone out with several time and he keeps breaking me, but I love him so much. The only thing I can think of is not being able to be in his arms. I can't stop crying because he broke up with me today. I want him back so much I don't know what to. This poem has touched me deeply. I miss him. I don't know what to do. He's my everything.

  • Shemekia Thompson by Shemekia Thompson
  • 6 years ago

Sometimes the ones that hurt us the most are the ones that are the closest to our heart. It's okay to cry; crying helps the pain, but don't let it gets the best of you. Pick yourself up and tell yourself that "this is my phase of my life and I am going to get through it with the help of God." It was his loss, and just when you think all hope is gone that's when you're going to get your happy ending. Love comes and goes, but always remember that only the true love lasts. No matter how hard it gets it will find its way. Be patient. Your love may be a little late, but it's definitely sure.

  • Tenielle by Tenielle
  • 7 years ago

How can you fix a broken heart? I have loved this guy since last year and I would do anything to make him happy, but now it's all gone.

  • TKB by TKB
  • 7 years ago

I am feeling this poem deep in my heart. My husband of 10 years has found someone else to love. He asked me to move out, and I have. I feel so disconnected from my life, the life I knew. I feel like a stranger in my own world. I have raised his children, and now I feel like I have been put out like trash. He and the other woman met at work. She lives in my house now and is playing family with my husband. The loneliness and empty feeling is almost unbearable at times. It actually physically hurts sometimes. I have cried out to God for comfort and go to sleep every night with tears on my pillow. How do I move on? How to I keep all of our memories at bay so I can function? I hate him, but I love him just as much. I don't know the man he has become and I don't know this empty shell of a woman I have become. Is there a light at the end of this dark tunnel?

  • Sue Williams by Sue Williams
  • 3 months ago

To TKB and any woman who's been left or traded in for another. It hurts like heck for a long time. Each woman is unique and respond differently. It took me about 10 yrs to let the pain go. During that time, I returned to college, moved to another state, started a new job and raised 2 kids without the man. Now it took me those 10-12 yrs to learn how much I had changed, grown and overcome. Later, I realized him leaving me was a blessing. What woman wants a man like that anyway. You deserve better, you are greater, smarter and wonderful and if he left you he may repeat that action. The pain hurts like sharp knives but once you move on you'll look back wondering why you put up with that. Women you are worthy of respect, love, dignity and honesty. Don't sell yourselves short. You are worth more

  • Zahra by Zahra
  • 2 years ago

I sometimes feel so alone and lost, yet I'm married. How can my husband easily and simply tell me to pack my things and leave? I wish I could stop the pain, yet I find myself crying every week. Confused as to what went wrong, where. Being strong is sometimes easier said than done!

  • Mia by Mia
  • 3 years ago

I am broken because my husband had a love affair. They fell in love. It tore my insides and I felt like I wanted to die. I cried nonstop for two weeks. He broke up with her because I had found him out and left him, but he loved me more and we reconciled. A few days later I caught him sexting her again, but he was also sexting another woman, so I left him again. He then told me he doesn't want to lose me, so we reconciled again. He started drinking and said some pretty awful things to me. He said it's my fault he had an affair because I criticized him, belittled him for the last 5 years and not to bring up the past cause we can't move forward. I have no closure. He drank today again and cried all day saying he doesn't know his purpose and that he's missing doing daring things for the adrenaline. He's very unhappy and severely depressed. Instead of me being the victim, he's making himself a victim. But I love him fiercely and want to spend the rest of my life with him.

  • Nadean Lee by Nadean Lee
  • 6 years ago

I understand your feelings. I'm sorry. One day at a time. And prayer.

  • Jennifer Jarboe by Jennifer Jarboe
  • 6 years ago

I know exactly how you feel. This happened to me after 16 years with my husband. It's been a year now and I am still devastated and barely functional. He came back to me and it's the hardest thing to reconcile. I still cry just as much as when he was gone.

  • Andy by Andy
  • 7 years ago

It's so hard, I know. My wife did the same to me and has stopped me from seeing my children for a year, if not longer. I cry all day, even at work. I can't get out of bed sometimes. I have no point in my life anymore. She controlled me for many years. I don't even know how to buy or tax a car! I have no family. I am on my own.

  • Axley by Axley
  • 7 years ago

"Love" is such a sweat word to say, feel and express, but when it comes to you, "love" is the just a painful feeling that is not worth it.

  • Queen by Queen
  • 7 years ago

Feeling lonely without you makes me shed tears. I wish you would come back to me. Baby, I am lost without you by my side.

  • Liam by Liam
  • 7 years ago

Lost and lonely. I feel so much pain. What can I do to win her back again? I've done so much wrong but some things right. My heart bleeds when I'm not with you.

  • Valerie Mead by Valerie Mead
  • 7 years ago

My heart is broken and this says so much of what I'm feeling. I love you Biscuit.

  • Kori Seavers by Kori Seavers, Ohio
  • 8 years ago

I am considered still a newly wed. But it feels nothing of sort. Three days ago my world crashed down when I learned of my husband cheating. The night before our wedding he went to a strip club, alone, after drinks with his friends. Gave his number to one of the strippers and proceeded to text her for the next three days. Yes that means while he waited for me to come down the aisle he was texting her. Along with minutes after we said "I do". Then for the rest of our wedding weekend spent at a resort! How do I believe his vows to me were honest when he was flirting and trying to sleep with a stripper the day of our wedding? Not to mention I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with our first child together!!! We have a blended family of 3 children who also will be heartbroken of our separation. My loving and joyful memories of the best day of my life is now gone. How do I recover from this? How do I forgive him? Is it fair for him to justify because he never did the act? I need advice ASAP!!!

  • Angie by Angie
  • 7 years ago

Decide what kind of life you want for you and your child. Make yourself and your baby your first priority. If it hurts now it may hurt even more down the road. Women need to step up and make themselves a priority.

  • Rachel by Rachel
  • 8 years ago

I have lived with my husband for 29 years until 6 months ago when he left..happiest day ever. He has cheated on me with my best friend, I found them in our bed and other women when I was pregnant with our daughter. Once a cheater always a cheater. But I was stupid enough to waist my years..he finally left me after our kids grew up, 6 months ago saying he was going through midlife.. don't want to be like me.. kids will be okay.. my kids say mom you should have left him a long time ago.
I didn't want to be a single teenager. It's up to you. Wish you the best.

  • Glenn by Glenn, Philippines
  • 9 years ago

It touched me so much. I can fully relate. I just broke up with my husband because he cheated on me when I was pregnant with our second child. Sadly, he's in-love with her. I'm so done with him but the pain is unbearable until now I don't know how to move on. I have no job at present, my parents are dead and my siblings do not understand the pain I was going through. It's so hard mending a broken heart alone with children to tend everyday. I cling to God and myself to survive. The sight of my children at peace made me stronger each day.

  • Angie by Angie
  • 7 years ago

You can do this. You are stronger than what you think. Give yourself credit. You are not alone.

  • Niro Kcub by Niro Kcub
  • 9 years ago

Hang in there. There is one man for every great woman and you have more strength than I have ever known. I am a man who was hurt just like you were. To be honest I'm scared, I feel alone everyday even with all my friends and family because nobody knows how to ask or go about asking things like this to their own family.I'm here for you.

  • Busisiwe Ladysmith by Busisiwe Ladysmith
  • 10 years ago

This poem healed me, now I know that I'm not alone, I love this guy, he is my everything. We've been together for 7 years , BUT I have to let him go, he lied to me, cheated on me with 3 girls and has a kid with one of them, abused me, took me for granted BUT still I love him unconditionally. I'm thinking about him everyday! I don't trust him anymore, wishing him all the best hoping one day I will find a man who will appreciate me the way I am ! Love you always!

  • Taff by Taff, Essex
  • 10 years ago

Wow My feelings in words! Recovering from a knee replacement and depression. 19 Years with my wife and now she's dumped me because she has got a new life.

  • Lance by Lance
  • 11 years ago

I'm printing this poem off!. After 2 years and 2 months I can still dream of my ex. I'll see her eyes, her cute nose, her smile, and her beautiful blonde hair when I close my eyes. I wonder everyday if she's thinking of me or if she missing me. Some days I tell myself that we well be together again and that one day this pain will be gone.

  • Mississippi by Mississippi
  • 11 years ago

This poem hit home!! The man that I love (my Children's father) got married recently. We've known each other since I was 16 years old (I'm now in my 30's). Loved him with every fiber in my bone. Just don't know which way to go now

  • Sam Hebrio by Sam Hebrio
  • 11 years ago

Right exactly as my story is :( I love her so much I can't let her go, but I need to.

  • Mildred by Mildred, San Diego
  • 11 years ago

Well first of all I love the poem lies it is truly a masterpiece. And I can relate because I was in a relationship with someone for a lot of years. And believe me I tried to make it work. But he never had anytime for me at all he would put his friends before me. HE ALWAYS LET ME DOWN. In every single way you can imagine I was the one always left in tears with my heart in pieces in my hand. I ONLY EXISTED when he wanted me to exist when it was convenient for him. I JUST ONE DAY SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I got tired of all the lies cheating and so on. I MEAN DON'T GET ME WRONG I'M A PRETTY WOMEN EXOTIC SEXY INTELLIGENT AND SO ON. BUT AM SO GLAD HE IS NOT A PART OF MY LIFE NO MORE.

  • Sutton Coldfield by Sutton Coldfield
  • 11 years ago

This poems describes exactly how I am feeling. I have had to finish with the man I love after six years, because he is married and I have come to realize that he will never leave his wife. I still love him so much and miss him terribly but I cannot put myself through all this pain time and time again. I have just emailed the poem to him and hope it goes deep into his soul and realizes what a big mistake he is making my staying in a love-less marriage just because its the easiest option.

  • Gibson Tulani by Gibson Tulani
  • 11 years ago

This make me feel sad and worry when I reflect back to my good all days with my TRUE LOVE. By the time she left me I was like a death log laying across the river bank.
During the tide I was lying there but nothing came and talked to me I thought why and I wonder but it was true Love.

  • John Kidd by John Kidd
  • 11 years ago

I have just lost my wife, she died of a heart attack, suddenly my life is empty, a big void has opened up before me and I have no idea how I am going to fill it. We have been together for 50 years and I loved her so much, and will until I die. Why is life so cruel?
The poem describes the way I feel, the way I hurt, the way I long for her touch, her embrace, her kiss.
I'm afraid this broken heart will never mend.

  • Poppy by Poppy
  • 11 years ago

I hate love because I think this is sort of sheer lie. Love is a reciprocal relationship. It is a very bad experience that you love a boy but he can't understand you.
"I hate LOVE."

  • Candy by Candy, USA
  • 11 years ago

Today I saw his picture 4 years later my feelings towards him are the same. I have faith that one day I will be put in his path and him in mine, I long for that day and fear it. In life people come into your life for brief moments, seasons, and if your lucky a life time. We had a moment in 2002, a season in 2008, and hopefully a life time is coming.

  • Julia by Julia, Texas
  • 11 years ago

I am in love with William, we met in art class...he was a senior I was a sophomore. Meeting him changed my entire life. He helped me through everything and truely became my most cherished friend. When he graduated we grew closer. I decided to graduate early and we were going to move in together. We did we were living in our temporary home and the day before we were going to go live in his house in San Antonio I went to go visit my parents. When I got there my father took my cell phone and keys. He told me I was living in sin. I regret every fight we ever had. I rarely get to see him and because of all the threats my parents made to him he feels it impossible to be with me. It leaves me feeling a little worthless. Nonetheless I am still trying. I am almost 18 now and I am hoping to move into an apartment and do things on my own so nobody can tell us we can't be together. Pray for me guys and never give up on that person you love.

  • Tenielle by Tenielle
  • 7 years ago

Hi Julia,
I don't know how you feel or anything, but I understand where you're coming from. My story is way different than yours. I loved this guy so much, like I would do anything to keep him happy. But one day he broke it off after 5 months nearly 6 (he turned around and said, "Look Tenielle, I'm not ready for a relationship at the moment, but next year we can get back together. I will message you 1 week before Valentine's Day or you message me." So I did and what he told me was heartbreaking. I stayed loyal to him, and I did everything for us, for him. He said that we are never going to happen and that I needed to move on. He said I was a lovely person. But still. I loved him and know it's all gone. Now I sit here and think it's all my fault. What I'm trying to say is it's your life and if you love him go after him. If you wait, it could be too late.

  • Desiree by Desiree, Whittier
  • 11 years ago

Hi, my name is Desiree and my story is about my broken heart. My best friend Jordan doesn't care about our friendship at all. I have so many questions to ask him like: why are you doing this to me? I am so broken and I don't think it's going to work out anymore because Jordan doesn't care about me or our friendship. And that's my story.

  • Dulce Torres by Dulce Torres
  • 11 years ago

I know how you feel I was like that too. Every time I think about my ex I get so sad I wanna cry. I don't have anyone to love me and to love back.

  • Tina by Tina, New York
  • 11 years ago

I'm deeply in love with him, but the timing situation is not so good for the relationship. I met him one year ago in my work place, when I'm with him I enjoy the moment like the world is going to end, because I don't know when will be the next time we will be together. I love Faize

  • Wiame by Wiame
  • 12 years ago

I want to thank you for these words, cause they describe exactly what I'm going through..
I just broke up with my fiancé.. I still can't find the reason for what happen, I think about every moment we passed together, about every kiss, every hug, every plan we had, and I find myself drowning in my tears.. hopeless, lonely, and sad, these are the perfect words to describe me right now.. the most important thing right now, is that I know I'm not alone at this, there are people like me.. we are here for each other.. thanks again.

  • Steven by Steven, Florida
  • 12 years ago

After reading this I actually teared up. My (idk anymore) girlfriend (we've broken up twice in the past 2 months) and I are always there for each other but, when her dad or brother pisses her off, she takes it out on me. When she's upset or crying, she thinks I'm trying to hurt her. I always try to convince her that she's just upset and thinking I'm doing these things. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. My heart breaks a little more each time we argue and stuff. She's finally getting to me but, I can't help it. I love her with my whole heart even if she's wearing it down. I can't turn away..

  • Kelsey by Kelsey, Indianapolis
  • 12 years ago

That's was I'm feeling with my ex I miss him so much but he has moved on and I'm happy for him but I can't forget the times we were together the moments we shared. Even if they were good or bad I love him so much but the problem in I'm in a new relationship have been for a while now and I'm falling in love with him. I don't know what to do cuz I love him and he loves me but my ex tells me that he loves and misses me all the time. This poem is great whoever wrote it did a great job I think I may use it but change it up a little.

  • Tasha by Tasha
  • 12 years ago

Well we had been together for 11 months and then he just up and broke up with me and it's hard for me to get over him ....I think about him everyday and I wish we could still be together

  • Tammy by Tammy
  • 12 years ago

I fell in love and lost my boyfriend of 8 months to another woman. I find out 2 weeks later I'm pregnant and I keep the baby. I'm married and I'm still in love with this other man. Some call me crazy but I can't help how I feel. I'm so heart broken I can't get over it. This happened 19 years ago. I still love you Joe

  • Ange by Ange, CT
  • 12 years ago

Great poem. I'm still in love with my ex its been a year. We still talk and he still tells me he loves me but he's with some one else. Don't know what to do. The other night I started to cry because I miss him so much. But I have to let him go. Its just to hard.

  • Musa by Musa
  • 13 years ago

wow amazing poem...u sound like me when I lost my true love. He wanted the same to let him go was the hardest thing I never did. It is 1 year without him. I miss him so much, I can't believe I let him fly away in just one say.

  • Suman Joshi by Suman Joshi
  • 13 years ago

The poem is beautiful.....I love him a lot & he loves me too we wanted to marry each other everything was settled but when my parents came to know about a problem in his leg due to an accident years ago they said no to our relationship...we can't go against our parents will but I still love him he's marrying someone else because that's what his mother wants......I'm dying inside...there's no hope but still I love him by all my heart.

  • Chene by Chene
  • 13 years ago

I just lost my bf and I loved him so much and I cant let him go. This poem helps me to understand stuff I never did

  • MaKayla by MaKayla, Washington
  • 14 years ago

Wow, I really don't know what to say.. I think that you put it in perspective for a lot of girls. Honestly, guys are dumb. And they don't realize that we have feelings and when they break our hearts it really does hurt. It's really not something we just bi-pass. Some advice to any guys who read this: think before you act.. Because you could end up alone, while the girl you once had, has someone else...

  • Sara Rettelle by Sara Rettelle
  • 14 years ago

I love this poem it is really good an I did feel the same way about my ex and all he did was break my heart so this is a really inspiring poem

  • Adriana by Adriana, Horizon City
  • 14 years ago

He's a marine. we both made mistakes when he decided to call me names. I kissed someone else but it meant nothing. He kept begging me to give him another chance but I was too stubborn. and when I did decide to give him and us another chance he didn't want it. So now he's with someone else and I'm here alone still trying. This poem describes anything and everything about him. It describes who he is and always will be to me

  • Mark Wear by Mark Wear
  • 14 years ago

I have just lost the woman of my dreams and have a heavy broken heart. I have been trying to find words to express how I feel, this poem is truly amazing and sums up my every emotion. Thank you to whoever wrote it

  • robin kupritz by robin kupritz
  • 14 years ago

I just came out of a break up. he was my first love, I'm am trying so hard to move on. I see him every day, and thinks everything is ok. I miss him every second, every hour, every minute. I don't know how I lost him. I don't remember why, but I'm miss him and need him by my side...

  • kelly joe by kelly joe
  • 14 years ago

you seem to know how I feel, it has been a year since I seen my love, I let him go, because that was what he really wanted, or so I thought I let him go, I miss him, I need him to this day, I don't know how I'm going to make it without him. it has been a year this month, and yet I still wonder if I am the one he is thinking of, I love him more than words can say, but he will never know because he is happy in another way

  • Alina by Alina
  • 15 years ago

wow, it's like my feelings standing right there. You are very good!

  • jason hamilton by jason hamilton
  • 15 years ago

this poem has put the exact way I feel into words it is very sweet

  • nathalie by nathalie
  • 15 years ago

thank you for making me feel so much better my boyfriend broke up with me today and I understand how you feel and you have made my day thank you

Wow! Great job! That's exactly how I am feeling, and have been feeling for a while now. Honestly I want to give you a hug. Wow!

  • charles by charles
  • 15 years ago

this is the best lost love poem I ever read.

  • Jonathon Carey by Jonathon Carey
  • 15 years ago

this is exactly how I am about the guy I have fallen in love with.......THANKS

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