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Why Does Your Mindset Matter?

Every day, we brush our teeth to keep them clean, and we take a bath to clean our body. We eat nutritious food to keep ourselves healthy and active. Our elders teach us good manners, etiquette, discipline, and whatnot. But we often forget about our mind. Why? Isn't it an equally important part of us? If we cleanse our bodies, why not our minds? What about the thoughts? Why not keep our minds healthy? Won't the rise of positivity in our minds lead to a rise of tranquility in our lives?

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A Healthy Mind

© more by Bhumi N Deshpande

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2022 with permission of the Author.

Can a lush green forest grow
On a barren piece of land?
Or a building be constructed
On a giant heap of sand?

Can you make a house of cards
On a crooked table top?
Or on uncultivable ground
Expect a healthy crop?

There is a major problem
In each of the above case.
Something all these lack
Is a strong and sturdy base

From the very start to the infinite
In this world of creation,
The quality of what arises
Is a product of its foundation

Everything in this cosmos,
Be it at dusk or at dawn,
The output is enhanced
By the core it grows upon

Roses and lilies blossom
On serene fertile land
Hardly grows a single branch
In a desert full of sand               

Quite closely this is connected
To the mind of a human
His perceptions and beliefs,
Outlook and acumen

A heart full of love
Spreads selfless affection
While one full of hatred
Gives way to devastation

The caring and the wise
Give aid to the needy
Just one wrong step on the wrong path
Makes a person greedy

Necessary is the condition
To develop a healthy mindset
For happy attitude, an easy life
And satisfaction at the sunset

Heal yourself with silence
Feel the bliss of the breeze
Provide comfort to others
For negative thoughts to cease

Let's open doors to positivity
Become pure from within
Greet ourselves and guide others
It's never too late to begin



Hi! My name is Bhumi. I'm fifteen years old. I've been writing since I was nine.
Putting my thoughts on paper is both relaxing and therapeutic for me. I love to share my views and ideas with people.
I'm grateful to receive an amazing response from my audience. Thanks guys for the love and support!

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