Life Lesson Poem

Make Each Day Worth It

Each second is another chance to do the extraordinary, to take up a new challenge, to live an amazing experience, to make your life special. Life is precious but short. Whatever you do, wherever you go, in the end what finally matters is nothing but how happy you felt and if you enjoyed the journey. The clock is ticking every second. It stops for none. If time has no brake, why should our happiness have one?

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© more by Bhumi N Deshpande

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2022 with permission of the Author.

If you're tired of doing nothing
Rubbing your eyes until they're red
Getting bored and feeling blank
With no thoughts in your head

Wondering what to do
Staring at nowhere
Scribbling on some sheet
Sitting on the chair

Get up and do a twirl
And dance upon your feet
Greet yourself in the mirror
Or give yourself a treat

Listen to your favorite music
Cook, sing, or play
Do what you love to
Just enjoy your day

Relish the sweet silence
Let the wind blow across your face
Shower a bunch of flowers
In nature, you'll find solace

Every second counts
There is no time to waste
Make best use of all of it
For it can't be replaced

Travel, trek and hike
Get wet in the pitter patter
Smile your way, wherever you go
As all those memories matter

Life is full of moments
Moments of love and laughter
What matters is to make them special
That you'll remember after

Appreciate all experiences
Your goals you will achieve
Make each day worth it
You must live before you leave



Hi! My name is Bhumi. I'm fifteen years old. I've been writing since I was nine.
Putting my thoughts on paper is both relaxing and therapeutic for me. I love to share my views and ideas with people.
I'm grateful to receive an amazing response from my audience. Thanks guys for the love and support!

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