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Each Day Can Be The Best

How do you decide if your day was good? When good things happened to you, is it? But what will happen and what will not is not in our control. So, does that mean the good days are not in our hands. I feel that we have formed an incorrect perspective of what is meant a good day. It is my life, my day, my actions, then why should it be dependent on the materialistic or short-lived things. Here is what I think a best day is and how we should live to make each day the best.

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The Best Day Of My Life

© more by Bhumi N Deshpande

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2022 with permission of the Author.

The best day of my life,
When will it be?
When I score top grades,
Or get a meal free?

Or gain great respect
Or buy a beautiful mansion,
Or travel the world
Or live sans tension?

If I pause my assumptions
To give it a thought,
That day of my life
Is not one in the lot.

Yes, my best day
Will not be of my success,
But the day I overcome
My failure distress.

The day I treat me well,
The day I respect me,
The day I impress me,
The day I feel free.

The day I am determined,
The day I stand confident,
The day I feel proud of me,
The day I am ardent.

The day when I love me,
The day when I stop strife.
That will surely be
The best day of my life.



Hi! My name is Bhumi. I'm fifteen years old. I've been writing since I was nine.
Putting my thoughts on paper is both relaxing and therapeutic for me. I love to share my views and ideas with people.
I'm grateful to receive an amazing response from my audience. Thanks guys for the love and support!

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