Betrayal Poem

My friends have often gone through tragic, heart-breaking betrayals. This helps let out my feelings.

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A Heart's Pain


Published: November 21, 2018

Scars made on my heart never heal.
This is what a girl should never feel.
You stomped on my soul, ripped my heart.
You took my hope, tore it apart.
You played my heart like it was a game.
Now I know you never felt the same.
You shattered my heart in the times of need
Where it always has to bleed.
My heart, you made slowly stop beating.
The pain you caused quickly began repeating.
You told me you love me, that you'd always be there,
But now those are just words floating in the air.
You stabbed my hope; I quickly stopped dreaming.
Your love for me ceased, my heart began screaming,
Slicing my heart, the heartbreaking rain.
When you broke my heart, I couldn't stop the pain.
Now I truly, honestly see
That you never actually loved me.

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