Betrayal Poem

Searching For A Way Out Of Manipulation

This poem was about realizing the pattern of my own weakness and allowing myself to be manipulated over and over again, investing my worth in someone who didn't value my love.

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Published by Family Friend Poems December 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

My body melts like sugar when
I'm wrapped up in your arms
I flow just like the river
after a raging summer storm.

And no matter what direction I take
the path is always the same
I end up tossed in waves of confusion
swallowed up in an ocean of pain.

The dams I build around my heart,
you always seep your way through
I've got to find the shore
that separates me from you.

My heart craves a love like paradise,
we are constant war
Just like enemies in a battle
not worth fighting for.

I drank your poisoned water
like I was dying of thirst
Swallowing up your lies,
eyes blind, falling in head first.

I let you trap me on an island
surrounded by broken dreams
All this time I was overlooking the forest,
focusing on one tree.

I should've tossed you in the fire
the second you gave me thorns
Instead I let you turn me cold
when you should've kept me warm.


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