Special Friend Poem

Poem Is About Being Inspired

This poem is dedicated to a friend who I find is a true inspiration to me. As a matter of fact - there is a hidden message in this poem regarding this. See if you can find it. Dedicated to Elif

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A Message Of Inspiration

Michael J. Malone © more by Michael J. Malone

Published by Family Friend Poems February 14, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Ever wondered as you thought through the night
Under the stars gazing at the beautiful sky above
With thoughts expressed till morning light
Every word penned in sincerity the true meaning of

The story of love truer than any story book
Because you are the reason for words written
The heart revealed with just a simple look
Hidden not, because it's completely smitten

Ever looked to the mighty roaring waterfall
Water begins calm before progressing along
Suddenly the rocks appear but that's not all
It becomes beautiful, turning into a nature's song

Even this doesn't compare to the message here
The message of beauty which is clearly seen
Every day, every moment with you being near
Nothing compares at all - to all of you - you see

In words expressed as you are the very reason
Never penned to be a hidden message in part
Since it is perfect to be said during this season
Possessing my thoughts and penned on my heart

I wish the words could express all this above
Reasons for which it's not just all explained
As words are merely the result of this thereof
This truly is something that has remained

In poem contained none of this to be feigned
Outward signs, wish you could truly see
Now that you know what you truly mean to me
The end of the message is only yours to see



Not a lot to say here. I just enjoy writing as a means to mentally unwind. I also like to read what others have written and look for the meaning behind the words. Not just the meaning, but the emotions/feelings that are being communicated through the words.

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