Sweet Love Poem

Poem About A Kiss Changing Everything

When all hope seems lost, you take that leap of faith and just follow your instinct and know that she is the one. Words aren't always correct, but when those soft lips meet, it's an all-in moment where through your actions you give it all away for the moment in time.

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A Single Kiss


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the Author.

If one's name is but a glimpse of their soul
Then we are simple machines on cruise control
When you put a name on a term such as love
Then it is merely but a concept you speak of
For desires so rich, not a single word can describe
No wealth in this world enough to my heart bribe

A bed of roses merely a vision of nature's beauty
For it was I that to you, failed to perform my duty
To your door I've tried and tried many times to knock
But you only slam the door and closed it with a lock
On the exterior, you showed nothing and stood so tough
That this word called love would never be enough

But there I stood, hoping for a chance, a beginning anew
That day in my heart, looking in your sweet eyes I knew
At this moment, I realized that I only had a single shot
That then our hearts would melt like chocolate in a pot
Eye to eye, we shared a gaze, one of eternal bliss
For it was that day we together shared a single kiss


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